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    Children discovered living in Seattle-area sewer system

    Video: Children discovered living in Seattle-area sewer system

    Two 12 to 13-year-old boys were spotted going back and forth from the manhole cover, which has been slightly ajar for at least the past month
    Aug 28, 2016,

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    FEDERAL WAY, WA (KIRO/CNN) - Utility workers in Washington state say children may have been living in the sewer system.

    Prying off an 80-pound manhole cover, Lakehaven Utility District workers were shocked to see bedding, clothes and toys 14 feet down.
    Nearby two 12- to 13-year-old boys were spotted and one of them indicated he was staying in the sewer.
    Utility workers told them of the dangers, including methane gas and pests, they frequently encounter.
    "No one should be down there without protective equipment," Ken Miller, of the Lakehaven Utility District, said.
    On top of that, the air is limited that far down, and if a car parked on top of the manhole's cover, they would have been trapped.

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    How are these kids? Haven't they been reported missing?

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    UPDATE, 9/2/16: After the Lakehaven Utility District contacted Federal Way police and then six days later provided them with pictures of the kids who were thought to be possibly living in a sewer, police worked to identify the children.
    The investigation was assigned to a school resource officer who worked with Federal Way School District staff to identify the children in the provided photos.
    It was discovered that both of the juveniles are students at Federal Way Middle School. One of the students lives at a home directly in front of the sewer manhole.
    When police contacted the two boys, they admitted to using the sewer as a "fort" and not as a shelter. Neither boy is homeless.

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