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    Prank frightens Teammates

    Minutes after USC tailback LenDale White stormed off the practice field with his coaches swearing at him, he stood on the roof of a neighboring building.

    "(Forget) football!" White shouted Monday night.

    His teammates had just been told they didn't need distractions like White and would continue to win without him. Then many watched in horror as equipment coordinator Tino Dominguez reached for White and missed before No. 21 fell from the roof.

    Of course, the real No. 21 was flat on the roof while the dummy dressed in his uniform plummeted from a four-story science building in Trojans coach Pete Carroll's Halloween prank for his team.

    "Well done," Carroll said when White returned to the field. "We killed them."


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    That's a horrible "prank", that coach should be ashamed of himself.
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    I don't even see how it can be called a prank...but at least it wasn't preceded by the word"harmless".

    I'd be having a serious talk with that coach...uh no..I'd be wanting his head on a platter.

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    Coach Pete Carroll has a really warped idea of what is, and isn't, acceptable in a prank. If I was a teammate I would really be turned off by that antic. Hope the Athletic Director can bring Coach Carroll to his senses.

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