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    Quote Originally Posted by natsound View Post

    Was JA dropping the camera? Putting it down? Why was she holding it in the hallway at all?
    Fact: We know she had the camera in the bathroom, taking pics of Travis in the shower and we know the ‘foot’ pic was taken near the end of the bathroom hallway. (I don’t have a link to a pic or drawing but his hallways was very long and tiled. Big pool of blood right were the bedroom carpet meets the tile. Long assumed by many to be the spot where his neck was slashed.)

    I’ve always assumed that during the murder it was either around her neck or lying on the floor. Maybe it got kicked or moved around all the tile on the floor. Or maybe she took it off hastily when she realized he wasn’t dead and had crawled to the end of the hallway and she rushed over to stab him some more.

    I have always thought that it probably ended up with some blood on it (since that end of the hallway was extremely bloody) and that was another reason (besides deleted photos & trying to ruin the camera) that it ended up in the washing machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natsound View Post
    She told the Utah officer her friends must have been playing a trick on her. I suppose that was her on-the-spot answer, and when it got down to brass tacks with investigators and attorneys, she thought up something less believable but more fitting for her alibi.
    That's right. I remember now. Thanks.

    I do remember when she testified she made a big deal about the Pasadena Starbucks skate punks, but I guess that was just another story to explain what she didn't do (the same logic that says keeping all of her receipts from California, Utah and Nevada explains how she wasn't in Arizona). At any rate, she must have done all the license plate shuffling around within the state of Arizona.

    I still want to know if she thinks she could chase Juan around the courtroom if he were to shoot her in the head first.
    @JodiAnnArias: They took my case and they took my cash, now I'm in Perryville with a terrible rash. #JodiArias

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    There's a Greyhuze thread here with discussion, pics, etc.:


    Had she shot Travis first, with the path the bullet took, he never would have been able to speak any intelligible words, much less chase her anywhere, imo. But I'd also have loved to have heard JM ask her that question, Wing.

    I studied the pics extensively and came to my own conclusions about their content, unfortunately my computer was destroyed in the Harvey flood and I lost most of that work.

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    I think now the gunshot was first while he was in the shower. I don’t think she expected him to get out of the shower, but he did, and that fueled her killing frenzy.
    I often think of when in the sequence of events she delivered the knife thrust deep enough to pierce his vena cava or aorta (can’t remember which blood vessel offhand). It may have been right after she shot him in the right temple (that makes sense because of how he was sitting & she is left handed) - the seconds after - and then she was able to deliver that particular knife stab. That’s a pretty deep cut. Maybe she did it when he got up out of the shower when he was in a daze being just shot in the face. She could have been standing in front of him and holding a knife and she took advantage of his confusion to stab him near the heart.
    What a ruthless psychopath she is. Re: the ID special, I didn’t think there was anything new presented that seasoned trial watchers didn’t know. I hope this is the last “special” done involving the killer because she doesn’t deserve any more attention. I hope she suffers every day looking at steel bars the rest of her life.
    I don’t even think Cancun was the biggest motivator for her to kill Travis. I think she knew from the May 28 texts/fight that he was absolutely through with her & she would most likely never see him again. That’s what set her off. She brewed for two months after moving back to Yreka in April.
    I believe the seeds of pre-meditation were planted in April when she knew in her heart he was lost to her.
    She is not like a “normal” person. She is incapable of caring thoughts, incapable of remorse,
    She needed Travis to complete her life. He wasn’t perfect, granted that, but geez, who hasn’t had relationships similar to theirs in our youth? I have. You break up and move on because you have your friends, your family or career to keep you moving forward. But The killer’s entire LIFE was tied to Travis & she had to snuff him out b/o his ultimate rejection of her in late May 2008. It was classic “if I can’t have you, no one can”. She had no support from friends or family and no career.
    Again, she does not think like we do. I have always been interested in examing the minds and behaviors of sociopaths & psychopaths, which is why when I watched the trial and the killer’s interviews prior to trial, I was (and still am, to a degree) fascinated by her ability to absolutely lie with ease, no remorse, again and again and again. The Flores interrogation tapes are still interesting to me. How she could spew out lies. How she never asked what she was charged with (per the Yreka detective). Her calculated answers. How she basically shut down the interview with the female detective Rachel and asked to continue with Flores. So manipulative!
    Her “manifesto”; her letter to the Alexander family On Travis’ Birthday for heavens sake, her calling Ryan Burns an outright liar for stating they “grinded ” less than 24 hours after she slaughtered another human being. Purchasing a 9mm gun after the murder. Taping it to the engine! Many condoms in her rental car on her arrest.
    She really belongs in jail for rest of her life. If she ever got out, she would still be a huge threat to society.
    I still follow this tragedy. From every stupid RadarOnLine article (which are all mistruths) to legal briefs filed by Ms Clark. It’s just a footnote in the periphery of my brain now but nonetheless it has my interest.
    Gray Hughes has done awesome work on this trial, agreed.
    Hope4More & Steve44, glad to see you, as well as geevee. Did Niner ever move to Europe? Wonder about TexMex? Cayley’s Advocate?
    When H4M went to Mesa, I checked the site 2x a day!
    We had many great discussions and look!.....the saga continues.
    Well done sir & madam, lol
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