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    TN Memphis Delta Fair accident sends several children to the hospital

    September 3, 2016
    8:17 PM UPDATED

    Delta Fair accident sends several children to the hospital

    A father tells FOX13 he watched his children fall 30 feet from the MoonRaker ride at the Delta Fair Saturday afternoon.

    Eight people were sent to Memphis area emergency rooms after the ride malfunctioned, according to fair operators.

    Delta Fair owner Mark Lovell told FOX13 a ride operator prematurely released the restraints on the MoonRaker ride.

    There were no serious injuries, according to Lovell.

    Witnesses and riders say otherwise.

    Shawn Owens had three children on the ride.

    Anna Jordon, 15, was on the ride.

    "God was with us today," Jordon said. "I'm so glad we did not die."

    Delta Fair & Music Festival

    4 hours ago

    We have been informed of some misinformation that is being reported. There has been NO one thrown from a ride at the Delta Fair.

    We did have a ride, the Moonraker, that had the lap bar released early as the ride was slowing to an end. The release of the lap bar did cause some riders to become nervous and scared. None of the riders were injured and all walked away safely.

    As a precautionary measure we had the riders checked out by our onsite EMS services and then had the riders at their request sent to the Hospital for strictly precautionary reasons.



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    September 3, 2016

    Eight sent to hospitals after ride malfunction at Tennessee fair

    Eight people were taken to hospitals after a ride suddenly shut down Saturday at a fair in Memphis, Tenn., officials said.

    Riders were enjoying the Moonraker, which spins around an axis and tilts up and down on an angle, at the Delta Fair when the ride's computer detected a problem and immediately began safety shutdown, Matt Snyder, the fair's safety director, told the Associated Press.

    As the ride stopped spinning and began to descend, the operator of the ride panicked and pressed a manual override button that released the safety restraints before it settled into its cradle.

    "It scared everybody," Snyder said.


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    Conflicting stories???
    Jesus Wept. John 11:35 KJV

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    I saw this earlier, but stopped reading because of the conflicting statements. A father says it happened as reported, and the ride company denies it. I'm sure the truth will be somewhere in between.

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