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    Former Boulder PD Chief Mark Beckner answers questions on Reddit

    Just a quick run-down on some of his answers that I found interesting. He goes into detail on much of the aspects of the case, but this is just what stood out to me while skimming the Reddit thread:

    1) Head blow came first.

    2) There are some things being withheld from the public by LE, but they are relatively minor; nothing big.

    3) Burke and John's voices are heard on the 911 tape. He confirms his belief that the words uttered were "B: What did you find?" and "JR: We're not speaking to you", but acknowledges that other people might not hear the same thing.

    4) Evidence of prior sexual abuse

    5) The unidentified DNA found on JB probably does not belong to her murderer.

    6) Lou Smit's judgement was clouded by his uber-religiousity, which made him sympathize with the Ramseys and their Jesus talk. The evidence he presented was usually bunk.

    7) No evidence of an inappropriate relationship between JR and JB.

    8) Death was most likely accidental...head blow in a fit of a rage.


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    This is a good topic to revisit in light of all the shows on JBR.


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