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    Darn it, for some reason I did not think we would be ready for opening statement tomorrow. I will have to catch them somewhere tomorrow late afternoon. Hopefully there will be recordings made of them to watch.

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    Here is a look at the jurors selected for the trial:

    Juror 1
    Single woman with no kids.
    Works in customer service and retail.
    Father is a former local police chief.
    She uses social media and watched "The People vs. OJ."

    Juror 2
    Single man with no children.
    Born and raised in Brunswick, Ga.
    He said he wanted to serve on the jury when asked.
    Works in an automotive shop.

    Juror 3

    Married woman with a 2-year-old daughter.
    Husband works in construction.
    She is from a military family.
    Has an uncle in prison that she visits.
    Had some knowledge of the case, but said she heard some people say Cooper's death was an accident, and others say it was on purpose.

    Juror 4
    Single woman with 3 kids.
    She is a nutritionist at a local hospital.
    Her father is a police officer.
    She likes to watch "Criminal Minds."
    She heard about the case and her initial thought was that Harris is guilty, but she admits she hasn't heard the evidence.

    Juror 5
    Married woman with three grandkids.
    Retired nurse
    Has served on juries before.
    Her brother was killed in Washington, D.C. and she attended the trial.

    Juror 6
    Woman married to a retired longshoreman.
    Registrar at a local high school.
    Has two sons and six grandchildren.
    Has served on juries before and was a foreperson.
    Not big on social media.
    Her father was killed in the line of duty as a police officer when she was 12.
    She says if she's on the jury, she'll make sure fellow jurors follow the law.

    Juror 7
    Married man with two kids.
    Works in building maintenance.
    Watches some crime shows.
    Didn't know a lot about the case.

    Juror 8
    Married man with no children.
    Draftsman who works for a local architect.
    Texts, uses Facebook, watches MSNBC
    Said he figured out he was called for the Harris case and he remembered that it had "looked bad" for Harris.

    Juror 9
    Single man
    Nurse at a local facility dealing with addiction and mental health.
    Has a brother than has been arrested multiple times.
    Only heard about the Harris case recently.

    Juror 10
    19-year-old single man
    Only person in the group who said he had not heard anything about the case.
    Likes watching documentaries about serial killers and "Making a Murderer."

    Juror 11
    Married woman with two kids in their 20s.
    Registered nurse whose husband is friends with the former District Attorney in Glynn County.
    Has family in Cobb County, but doesn't visit often.

    Juror 12
    Married man with three young kids.
    Mechanical technician and Navy veteran
    Says his wife recognized the judge from new reports, but otherwise knew little about the case.

    Juror 13
    Married woman with four children and four grandchildren.
    Said she knew someone killed in a homicide.
    Saw the case on the news, but believes she can judge the case based on evidence and the law.
    Says seeing the news media gathered "heightened the stress" for serving.

    Juror 14
    Married man with 13-year-old daughter.
    Retired carpenter
    Uses voice-box to speak due to an undisclosed medical issue.
    Saw the case in the paper several times and said his wife had an opinion that Harris was guilty.
    Said he could discount her opinion and make up his own mind.

    Juror 15
    Married woman with one child.
    Takes care of second homes in the area.
    Initially thought the Harris case was a "tragic accident" based on what she first heard.
    Doesn't use social media.
    Likes Judge Judy and followed the Casey Anthony trial.

    Juror 16
    Single man with 23-year-old son
    Initially responded that he had formed an opinion about Harris' guilty, but later said he had not.
    Served on multiple juries, including a murder trial.
    Has been arrested for DUI "multiple times," but says, "it was my fault, every one of them."


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