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    NY - Happy Land torch killer dead at 61

    NY Daily News:

    Arsonist who torched 87 people in horrific 1990 Happy Land fire dies after apparent heart attack in prison

    Now he can burn in hell.

    The arsonist who killed 87 people when he torched the Happy Land social club 26 years ago in the Bronx died Tuesday after suffering an apparent heart attack in prison.

    Julio Gonzalez, 61, died at 11:30 a.m. at the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh, state corrections spokesman Thomas Mailey said.
    also, pictures
    more at the links

    Murderpedia: Julio Gonzalez

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    He got a 4350 year sentence in 1991, yet was eligible to apply for parole in a couple of months !! (Source Wiki). I know he wouldn't have got out, but really...

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    After reading everything, at least he had some remorse and cried when he realized the horrible crime had killed so many people. I was surprised. I really thought he would be a person who would have the "so what" attitude, and he didn't. That certainly doesn't excuse anything he did, but at least he had the makings of a normal person under all that hurt and confusion he had dealt with seemingly all of his life. If he had been lead in the right direction, and had received counseling, and maybe been given an antidepressant, he maybe could have lived a productive life. So many are ignorant to the fact that there are places to get help.
    He definitely deserved every day he was in jail, and now he's out of his hand made hell on earth. I just hope the families affected by this horrible event feel some closure now and continue to heal. Lives lost in such a tragic way are really hard to deal with.
    My dad was six when he witnessed a four year old cousin get kicked in the chest by a mule, and it killed her. He never forgot that.

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