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    Kolar's (Foreign Faction) conclusions reinforced by Burke's interview

    Well I've been following the case since the beginning. I've read the majority of the books about the case. For me it's very clear. The former police chief, James Kolar who probably knows more about the evidence than anyone, got it right.

    Burke did it. The parents covered it up. This makes all the sense in the world.

    Why did the parents go to extreme lengths to prevent Burke from being interviewed almost immediately? Why did they refuse to allow themselves to be interviewed by the police (unless they were interviewed together?) Why was John Ramsey making arrangements to leave town almost immediately? Why did JR lawyer up almost immediately?

    None of this behavior makes sense except when looked at from the perspective of two parents who are trying to save their only living child from a lifelong sentence of public scrutiny and judgement as a very weird, sick little boy.

    This, in addition to the public scrutiny and judgement that would follow them - as the parents of a very weird, sick little boy.

    The physical and circumstantial evidence is very powerful; Patsy's handwriting, her practice writing on her own writing pad, her writing pens, her paint brush used as the garrote. PR and JR's unnatural, stonewalling behavior as parents of a murdered child.

    All of the rest of the case is nothing more than diversion that confuses the untrained public. A Santa Clause suspect, Mark Kaar, police mistakes, a variety of investigative imperfections and typo errors (typical and normal), a half dozen weirdo suspects that emerge to muddy the investigation (also typical and normal) touch DNA; all of these things are simply distractions to the fundamental evidence as described in Kolar's book; Foreign Faction.

    The unsupported theories about psycho killers disregard the police and FBI experts that have identified the loosely placed "restraints" as an attempt to stage this crime. Personally, it kills me how often ordinary John Q Public folks foolishly and arrogantly disregard professional trained experts who have spent countless hours developing thier science and skills. In other words: "To heck with the evidence and theories developed by the FBI. Listen to me instead. I have a two year degree in Humanities." Please!

    The surprising appearance of Burke Ramsey finally giving this interview after all these years should provide meaningful insight to discerning, reasonable adults when viewing what was once a disturbed little boy as a disturbed adult male.

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    Yep, pretty much says it all. Why is Dr. Phil having so much trouble figuring this out?

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    Dr. Phaux never intended to figure anything out, he simply gave the Rs a stage to once again claim their innocence and denigrate LE before the CBS special airs.

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    Kolar is one of the investigators who will appear on the CBS docu-series. Really looking forward to this.

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    When does the cbs series air?
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    Foreign Faction - Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?

    A James Kolar


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    Quote Originally Posted by lisette View Post
    When does the cbs series air?

    The Case Of:
    JonBenét Ramsey

    Premieres Sunday Sept 18 8:30ET/8:00PT
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    Just reading Kolar's book now. Shocked at how BR was "cleared". Shocked at a lot of stuff and don't get why the DAs did the things that they did.

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    That affidavit Lin Wood obtained "exonerating" Burke was only good for up to the date it was written.

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    On the CBS I was expecting Kolar to explain why, in his book, he stated the garrote was the main motivation for what happened. I could never tell if he was suggesting a sexual motive for it or whether he believed BR intended to kill her with it. But he never got into that. The reenactment seemed to be showing adult male hands fashioning the garrote as if it was just the staging. I would love to know what Kolar believes the true purpose of the garrote was.

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