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    MN - Samantha Burnette, 16, shot to death, St Paul, 25 Sept 2016 *Arrests*

    The older sister of a Minnetonka teenager killed in St. Paul Sunday said a friend set them up to be robbed, resulting in the fatal shooting.

    By midmorning, St. Paul Police said two people had been arrested.

    Samantha Burnette, 16, was gunned down around 7:30 a.m. in the 700 block of Sims Avenue. Her sister, Brittany Rock, was injured and taken to Regions Hospital.

    Rock said her friend drove them to the alley behind Sims Avenue and got out of the car seconds before two men jumped in and demanded their belongings. Rock, her younger sister, and another friend were left in the car with the two men. “They just said, ‘Give me everything!’ “ Rock recalled Monday. One man, armed with a gun, had forced his way into the front passenger seat, prompting Rock to slide into the driver’s seat....The gunman smashed his weapon across Rock’s face, but she said she jumped out of the vehicle and tried to open the back door to save her sister. “[My sister] woke up and she was trying to get out of the car and she got shot,”



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    Normally suburban kids in the Twin Cities know enough to stay out of the bad parts of town and only have reason to go there to buy drugs. My first thought when I heard this was it was an attempted drug deal, I went back on that when the stories came out with more details, but a co-worker told me she suspects that too.

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    ST. PAUL, Minn. - Charges were filed against two men and a woman Tuesday in the murder of a 16-year-old high school student during what police now say was an armed robbery.

    Two counts of second-degree murder and one of aggravated first-degree robbery were filed against 32-year-old Christopher Rayshawn Calloway, 29-year-old Kalisha Chardale Smith, both of South St. Paul and 24-year-old Davonte Bobo, of West St. Paul. On Wednesday the same charges were filed against 29-year-old Vincent Reanell Harris. The criminal complaint filed against Harris does not accuse him of firing the deadly shots that killed 16-year-old Samantha Burnette: Calloway and Bobo are alleged to be the gunmen.

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