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    TX - Kira Disabella, 5 mos, dies after inhaling chili powder, Irving, 31 May 2004

    IRVING, Texas -- Police Tuesday charged a young North Texas mother with murdering her 5-month-old daughter.

    According to police, Angela DiSabella contributed to or directly caused her child's death.

    Investigators said the infant choked to death Monday on either ground chili peppers or chili powder.

    The baby's breathing was blocked by chili peppers ... It didn't appear to be an incidental-type situation," Officer David Tull said. "The actual ruling on it was homicide."


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    Her claim is she was trying to get the 5-month old to stop sucking its thumb, so she put chilli powder on it. She says she got the idea off the internet. A 5-month old! Who cares if a baby sucks their thumb?

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    Mama's treatment was consistant with an IQ of about 60! IF! Just Tragic!


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    Chili Powder Poising Trial Begins

    The case of a young Irving mother accused of killing her baby with chili powder last year went to trial Monday.

    Angela Disabella, 21, told police she put chili powder on her daughter's thumb to stop her from sucking it an idea she said she read on the Internet.

    Disabella, who faces a capital murder charge, appeared in a Dallas courtroom Monday morning as jury selection began. Opening statements were tentatively set for 9 a.m. Tuesday if the panel is set.

    Angela Disabella appeared in court Monday morning. Authorities said 5-month-old Kira Disabella died on May 31, 2004, just hours after inhaling the chili powder, despite the efforts of paramedics to save her.

    The Dallas County medical examiner's office ruled Kira's death a homicide, finding that the infant choked on chili powder. Officials said her airway was clogged with the substance.

    Police said they found chili powder strewn all over the kitchen at Disabella's Irving apartment.

    There are various references online to chili powder as a deterrent to thumb sucking, few of which mention any dangers. Information is also available about products containing pepper extracts among other ingredients - that are touted not only to curb thumb sucking, but also to cure nail biting. There are also articles critical of these practices.

    Child Protective Services had tried to investigate reports that the girl was malnourished, but the family had moved several times and CPS case workers lost track of the Disabellas.

    Prosecutors said they do not plan to pursue the death penalty.

    The Dallas Morning News contributed to this report.


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    From November 2005:


    An Irving mother has been convicted of manslaughter in the suffocation death of her five-month-old baby. The jury returned the verdict Sunday against Angela DiSabella, 21.

    She was sentenced to seven years in prison for the 2004 death of her daughter.

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