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See there is another lie, he was not searching for hot car deaths. Also it is always hot in summer in that area. I am waiting to hear the whole case.
Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm sure I will be but I thought he searched for something along the lines of hot car deaths or something like it. Say you are correct, what has me sold that this was a planned murder, was him taking Cooper to CFA, walking him out to the car and strapping him in then within a very very short time, he forgets??? On top of that he backs in the parking space and doesn't see Cooper at all??? Grabs his coffee and possibly other things he needs for work all the while Cooper is not far behind him, and may even be chattering, then Ross gets out of the car and goes into work. Not once throughout the day did he ever remember he may not have taken Cooper to daycare??? Not once?? I would think something would trigger his brain that something wasn't right that morning therefore never bothered to check.