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    NV - Simone Hirst, 39, brutally murdered, Las Vegas, 28 April 2003

    Suspect in model's murder denied involvement, then changed story
    LAS VEGAS (Court TV) A man accused of beating former Elite model Simone Hirst to death with a rock initially denied knowing anything about the incident when questioned by police. But audiotaped interviews with police reveal that he changed his story several times before admitting he had seen her die.


    Walker offered no explanation as to why Hirst fell out of a laundry room window just 3 feet off the ground when there was a door just a few feet away, but he said he left the woman lying on the ground bleeding because he was frightened.

    "Why did she come out the window and you out the door?" an increasingly agitated detective asked him on the tape.

    "That's something I can't explain," Walker responded, adding that the sight of Hirst's body haunted him.

    "I was scared. I was thinking about that sh-- for a long time."

    Hirst's body was discovered the morning of her 39th birthday, April 28, 2003, in the courtyard of the Le Jac apartments in a crime-ridden part of downtown Las Vegas.

    Her skull had been crushed by a 44-pound rock nearby and there were slash marks on her throat. Her $800 Prada boots were missing. Police identified her by a key to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino found in her pocket, and they retraced her movements of the night before with a combination of casino surveillance videos and interviews with cabbies.

    More: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ct/20051107/...enchangedstory

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    From January 2006:


    A Nevada man was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for bludgeoning a Utah tourist to death in 2003.

    Shod Walker, 28, received the maximum sentence for his Nov. 9 conviction for second-degree murder with a deadly weapon in the slaying of Simone Hirst.

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