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    CT - Horse Stabbed At Gas Station

    he's a well-known and unusual sight in her Southside neighborhood.

    Lois Baden, known to some as "Lady Godiva," can be seen almost every day riding her six-year-old horse, Ryan, right through the congestion and urban sprawl of Atlantic Boulevard traffic.

    But Ryan won't be out and about for the time being. Someone stabbed the horse right in his chest cavity Sunday afternoon at a BP station on Atlantic.

    "I come out and he's gushing blood," said Baden, who had tied Ryan to a tree outside the convenience store while she went inside to use the restroom.

    According to the police report, witnesses saw a potential suspect driving away from the scene in a Mitsubishi.

    While police hunt the culprit, Ryan's condition is touch and go.


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    Where else? Texas ! ! ! !

    "Would some power the Giftee gie us To see ourselves as others see us" R.Burns

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    omg! the depth of stupidity. simply disgusting. wonder what else this a55 has done in their life.

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    I hope the cruel idiot who did this is caught and punished, and soon.

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    I will never understand this type of cruelty.

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