Update: 3:54PM POLICE are appealing to members of the public to speak out if they have any information on Eseroma Kenakawa who has been missing since June this year.

Single and known as "Pita" to his close relatives, the 57-year-old lived with his nephew, Onisimo Mataqia's family, in Vunivutu Village, Macuata, for the past six years.

Mr Kenakawa went missing on June 27.

The previous night, he had returned home after attending a birthday function and his relatives were awoken when they heard a loud crash and found him on the floor with bruises on his forehead.

Mr Mataqia's wife, Mereoni, said they had asked Mr Kenakawa if he wanted to go to the hospital, which he refused.

He went to bed and relatives checked on him at 2am finding him sound asleep.

In the morning, relatives did not disturb him because the door to his room was closed.

However, later in the afternoon worried that he was still asleep, they checked on him only to find the room empty.
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