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    Quote Originally Posted by Spellbound View Post
    I hope this is the right place to put this. This happened to me once yesterday, and again just a few minutes ago. (And a few other times recently that I did not document). when I hit "Post Quick Reply" I get the following page and it will not let me go back ... I have to close the unwanted page and I lose my WS page and have to reopen. (This does not happen if I use an ad-block, but only when I do not. And I am using an IPadPro)

    Same here. I flagged for a mod.

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    I'm getting a lot of redirects when I click on quick links and try selecting subscribed threads from the drop down.
    I get a "site not secure" warning, which leads me to believe ad-ware has hijacked some of the options and my computer is flagging it as malicious.
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    We are having a big discussion about this (hijacked by "You Won!") at another thread here: https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...op-Up-Ad/page2

    I don't know which thread is best for the problem, but I have alerted mods on the thread above and hope it gets to the right person for a response.

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    Getting them all.. it hasn't stopped.

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