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    Quote Originally Posted by arkansasmimi View Post
    He pi$$ed the cops off for sure Gallimore and Folia (who had a wreck right at the scene so there adrenaline was already going, they have no idea what they just came upon, they were not dispatched to the scene. And correct, he wouldn't do anything if it were nothing more than a real accident. I don't think he had time to assume anything to be honest. But on his demeanor, depends on who you believe. Many witnesses said different on their orig statements, even the LEO stated different in their orig reports. When directly asked about them. Ferrell said in his report THE SUPERVISOR, that he was crouched between the ME Inv and CSI, neither one of them said he was there. WHY Lie? He was there, because lol State asked one of the officers or CSI Shumpert who that was, but it wasn't were he said he was in an official report.

    Ok, and I mean this respectfully HONEST, IF it true that they had their hinky meters go off (and I think a good Det would have those radars out) WHY then all the untruthful SW? Why the untruthful testimony? Why change evidence (car seat) Thats what I don't get. If they broke the law, charge them with the evidence for the charges they equate to. And why not arrest a prostitute that you have had a sting on, gave $ she accepted it, wore a wire (worked yet malfunctioned when time to save the conversation) use only 1 photo (book in photo) allegedly shred that 1 photo. Write a report and swear to it truthfulness and factual yet the number you swore to that took of the prostitute tablet is not the same one you have in evidence?

    Why all this mess? If they have evidence to file charges? Why make it look like something inappropriate going on? Can you imagine any other cases these officers worked on do you think they may not come under scrutiny too? What if you were RH? I saying if you were him and this was happening to you. NOT what you think you would have done but after the fact from the parking lot on. If someone says they would just take their punishment... well then they JMHO would have to be guilty of something to plea. Here there is testimony and evidence under oath, saying things don't jive. JMHO
    I keep going back to the beginning of this case when it was announced that JRH was arrested for murder and the general public was raking the state over the coals for it. Then all the supposed evidence came out, and everyone did a complete 180. Can't help but think that's significant and related to the state exaggerating their case in the media. They did such a good job that it was pretty much impossible for Ross or Leanna to defend themselves after that.

    Even now, how many people except for those you are following the trial daily know about the discrepencies? Reading comments on other websites...people really think this is a slam-dunk case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minor4th View Post
    God help us all if expressing grief and shock in the "wrong" way is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of murder.
    Respectfully, are you being facetious? It feels like this post doesn't really offer much to the conversation about the trial except a verbal eye roll at the people you don't agree with discussing their perceptions of RH and LH's demeanor at the scene and at questioning.

    No one here believes a person's reaction to grief is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of murder. Just like no one believes simple occasional texting while in charge of a child constitutes criminal neglect, just like no one here thinks sexting and heroin are exactly the same. We'd have to be pretty dumb to think those things and I'm sure that's not what you've been implying.

    As I'm sure you know defendant demeanor at the crime scene and while being questioned are but one piece of a large puzzle. The jurors will hear and see many pieces of the puzzle and determine, on the whole, with those exact puzzle pieces, what they believe beyond a reasonable doubt. They will also judge each witnesses' demeanor to determine the value of their testimony. But again, I'm sure you know that, and are being facetious. Which, incidentally, doesn't exactly invite friendly respectful discussion, IMO.

    Some interesting reading for those who are interested in the aspect of demeanor, which is, obviously important.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana46 View Post
    Does anyone know why LH divorced RH? I mean we can't know for sure but what was actually out there in the news about it? I just wondered what determined her to suddenly not support him anymore....I think that is a valid question even if we may never know.
    Well she divorced him...yes but I have heard no where that she does not still support him. Guess we will see but if she was not on his team then the defense is taking a big risk on a hostile witness and I do not think Kilgore is that dumb. I think the divorce had some legal and financial ramifications and was probably recommended and facilitated by her attorneys. She has probably been advised not to visit him...change her name etc. she had legal help right from the beginning. I don't trust anything she says or does.

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