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    2 toddlers sneak out, trash nearby residence

    Canadian Press
    Nov. 9, 2005 10:30 AM

    LISTOWEL, Ont. - A pair of toddlers are giving new meaning to the terrible twos.

    The boys wandered away from a home in this town north of Stratford on Tuesday and carved a path of destruction through another.

    Provincial police said they'd never seen anything quite like it.

    "They did a lot of damage for two little boys," said Const. Randy Clarkson.

    "And they didn't even seem to be the slightest bit put out by the whole deal."


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    Holy cow!!! I'm glad the police will investigate the parents. No toddler should be gone for hours like that.

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    I wonder what the "unrelated matter" was that the cops showed up to the house to begin with.

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    I still maintain...any pond dweller can be a "parent" but you got to have a license to drive a car! MANDATORY STERILIZATION people. Screw their rights what about the rights of children being brought into this world by people like this. If they can't get preggers or procreate then we'd be in a much better place. Just my opinion, sorry if I offend any of you

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    Just ... Ditto!!

    I need insurance and all kinds of crap to drive but any idiot can open their legs.

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    Has anybody seen my children? The "Jolley Green Giant"

    [B] These two youngsters aren't related to the "Jolly Green Giant" per chance? Broke a hose through the sheetrock, which is secured to studs 16 in on center? WOW!!!!!
    As too the parents sleeping soundly enough not to know they are gone I can understand, but the police coming for an "unrelated" purpose poses some questions doesn't it!

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