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    VA - Gary Russell Short, 47, Pound, 20 May 1988

    Gary Russell Short was shot to death during the early morning hours of May 20th 1988 on the mountain in the Glady Fork section of Pound, Virginia. He was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest. For years, this case remained unsolved as investigators attempted to piece together all of the evidence and information. Gary being killed in a hunting accident was looked at but ultimately discarded. In a different theory, he may have seen something he shouldn't have, possibly a heavy equipment theft ring in action. He may have been murdered in a case of mistaken identity. Buford “Taz” Mullins admitted that someone was supposed to get "hurt" on that mountain in relation to a scheme he was running but it wasn't supposed to be Short.

    Throughout the years, the prime suspect has been Roger Mullins, who was Gary's brother-in-law. Allegedly, he had made comments before that indicated he was infatuated with Gary's wife and he claims they were having an affair. Gary's wife has always denied these claims. Roger's behavior around the time of the murder and afterwards was viewed as suspicious. Unfortunately, he had an alibi and detectives didn't have enough to press charges. A grand jury convened to look into the murder in February of 2009 and there were no findings.

    Three years later, a second grand jury convened and findings were made. These findings remained sealed until this past week and they conclude that Roger Mullins was most likely involved in the murder of Gary Short. Roger's brother (an investigator at the time of the murder) was also implicated for hampering with the investigation. Both men are now deceased but if they were still alive, they would be charged accordingly. The county has ruled that the case is now closed.


    According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp, the grand jury found that, “This was a homicide and not a hunting accident, committed by parties unknown beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    The grand jury found that “Roger Mullins was complicit or an accessory to this murder.” According to Slemp, Mullins was the brother-in-law of Short. Mullins owned property near where Short’s body was found. The Short family was fearful of Mullins a short time before the murder because of statements he made to Short’s daughter about something happening to Short. Mullins purchased a shotgun, the same time of weapon used in the murder, a short time before the murder occurred.

    The grand jury named a second person in its findings, Roger Mullins’s brother, David Mullins. David Mullins was an investigator for then Wise County Sheriff Bill Kelly. David Mullins had access to the crime scene and to some of the physical evidence in the case. The grand jury found that “David Mullins hampered the investigation from the beginning and in the opinion of the jury, committed perjury in his testimony to the jury.”

    Roger Mullins was always considered a suspect in the case. He approached Short’s extended family members at the funeral and admitted responsibility for the death, Slemp said.

    And two days after Short’s death, Roger Mullins walked into the Sheriff’s Office and confessed to an affair with Short’s wife, which has been vehemently denied over the years by the family.

    But an alibi placed Roger Mullins elsewhere in town when Short was ambushed and he was never arrested or charged.

    According to a review of case records, there were a number of factors that likely led the grand jury to believe Roger Mullins was complicit in the murder. Slemp said he owned property near where Short’s body was found. The Short family also became fearful of Roger Mullins a short time before the murder because of statements he made to the man’s daughter about something happening to Short, Slemp said.
    Family members, including his wife and daughter, Teresa Short Caudell, were present Tuesday when Slemp announced the findings.

    “He was murdered by a man who was supposed to be his friend,” Caudell said.

    “I just wasn’t going to give up,” said Caudell, who has dealt with a number of investigators and prosecutors over the years. “There were times that I felt discouraged. But I’ve always had an encourager somewhere. I was just determined that I was going to do whatever it took.”

    The family doesn’t know why Short was murdered, she added, and Slemp declined to say what he believes happened.

    “We’ve come to the conclusion that the grand jury’s findings are supported by evidence,” Slemp said. “The grand jury specifically did not find there was a motive, so I’m reluctant to comment on what we believe happened.”
    http://www.heraldcourier.com/news/sp...2ddd49e30.html - February 2012

    http://www.heraldcourier.com/news/tr...9c4ac4a0f.html - May 2011

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    Here is another newspaper article published on May 22, 2011 in the Bristol Herald Courier about this case. The article has very good details regarding the crime and also the crime scene where the victim was found.


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