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I agree! What was all that supposed to prove going on and on that Stoddard did not track down every person who walked by the car in the parking lot? Would we honestly believe anyone would say, "Well yes detective, we saw the baby dying in the hot car but we didn't say anything because......."?

Of course not!! So we can 100% conclude that no passerby saw or heard Cooper. How does this defend JRH? He was INSIDE the car with Cooper, he was responsible for him, not some stranger strolling by. If I were on the jury, I would consider this line of questioning ridiculous.

As as aside, it is now legal in Georgia for a passerby to use a crow bar or brick or anything to break the window of a car if they see a dog left inside on a hot day.
Yeah, I think it's too problematic to try and suss out whether or not Cooper made enough noise that passersby could hear him. He could have been awake and calm, he could have cried briefly then fell asleep, his normal cry could be quieter than say, an infant who might start screaming. Who knows?

Another thing to consider, not early on but later in the morning, is that as Cooper's body temperature rose and he became dehydrated his breathing would have become more rapid as he tried to inhale oxygen. At that point crying out may have taken second place to filling his lungs. Eventually he may have begun seizing as his electrolytes became unbalanced.

IOW, there may be other reasons why no one heard Cooper besides him being asleep. How many cars have we all walked past in crowded parking lots without hearing anything? That doesn't mean there were no kids (or pets) inside cars crying, just that we didn't hear them.

Good to hear about the new Georgia law! Tennesse passed such a law that went into effect in July 2015. I'm curious as to whether or not hot car deaths decrease in the state - I guess it'll take maybe 5 years or so to see accurate statistics.