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    "I didn't want to go in my home. It was like I knew, if I went through my door, it would be real. And I didn't want it to be real. So I sat down on the sidewalk. ... We finally went inside and I ... walked into Cooper's room, and I just cried. I finally was able to cry."

    A woman from the daycare was with her, and two friends in Marietta came over, and her parents drove over to be with her.

    Did you subsequently learn that you were a suspect?


    Was your computer seized?


    Was there anything precious to you on that computer?

    All my pictures, all my videos (of Cooper).

    Are you aware that the images on your computer were ever given to your attorney?

    He was given a disk. I was never able to get them, I didn't have anything to dump them onto. (The police had her computer.)

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    Kilgore asks about Cooper's funeral. Taylor says friends planning the service asked her for photos of Cooper, and that was when she realized she didn't have any images of him. So she texted friends and family and asked them to send any photos of her son.

    The funeral was public, wasn't it? Do you have any recollection of saying anything at that time?

    Before she can answer, Boring objects, saying Taylor's own statements out of court are inadmissible.

    Kilgore then asks whether Harris was permitted to come to the funeral.

    Before she can answer, Boring objects on the grounds of relevance.

    Instantly both attorneys approach the bench for a sidebar, off the microphone

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    Tweeters said some jurors appeared emotional, listening to Leanna's testimony?

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    Taylor testifies that after the funeral, "people were saying things about me that weren't true." She talked about the media encamped at her home and then relates how the the police returned with another warrant. She says she was told to sit on her sofa and was not permitted to follow the officers around.

    Kilgore asks her how she felt as the officers did the search.

    I lost my son, I lost my husband. I buried my son. I came back. And now they're at my door wanting to search my home again. And they weren't very nice. ... It was basically, we're here, we're going to do this whether you like it or not. It was scary. I've never had any experience with law enforcement other than getting a speeding ticket or something of that nature. Never had a car searched. Never had a home searched.

    She says the search warrant had to do with checking for burned-out lightbulbs.

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    Leanna says Ross took pictures and sent them to her because she was nervous when they first started taking him to day care. She says it then became a regular thing, but once he started moving around more she told him "It's ok. You don't have to send them to me every day." She says she told him that in March 2014.

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    Kilgore then asks whether the couple had been planning a family cruise with Harris's brother.

    This was something that was really important to him. ... His recollection of family vacations during his childhood, he didn't have very many. He didn't want it to be like that for Cooper.

    Do you have any recollection of whether this was somethign you had discussed with your brother- and sister-in-law?

    We did. ... They have a family of six.

    At Kilgore's request, she identifies them as Michael and Amy Baygents.

    Do you have any knowledge about whether Ross was talking to a travel agent about a cruise?

    I don't. There's just so much -- some details that I've lost.

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    The pics on arriving- because a loving mom needed to know her son was OK emotionally, nothing to do with doubting Ross.

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    Cooper fell asleep quickly after eating, even when he wasn't in the car.

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    She said Harris sent her a photo of Cooper sleeping from day the week before Cooper's death.

    Leanna says Cooper was comfortable in his car seat and slept easily.

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    Questioning then turns to Harris's habit of photographing Cooper when he delivered him to daycare each day. Taylor says she took him one day and tried to get a picture of him but he was moving around too much. She says she later told her husband that she understood things were different now -- Cooper was more mobile than before and harder to capture -- and he didn't have to keep taking photos of him.

    This was an important point during the prosecution's case-in-chief. Witnesses pointed out that, just weeks before Cooper's death, Harris stopped taking daily photos of him at daycare.

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    Ross was ready to buy a house, Leanna didn't think they were prepared to financially . Explanation why it wasn't followed up on, not that Ross was planning on killing Cooper.
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    Leanna talks about their plans to buy a home. Says school district was very important to Ross. She says Ross was very ready to buy a house but they weren't ready financially.

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    A precision direct, I think deliberately addressing, point by point, not just what Kilgore knows the jury might find suspicious in testimony heard, but about what they originally heard in the media (which is why Kilgore wanted to ask her about what she said at the funeral).

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    Leanna looking at pictures of Cooper in the carseat that her mother took.

    She's not crying at all, no emotion.

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    Kilgore asks Taylor how readily her son would fall asleep. Ross Harris has said his son must've fallen asleep as he was driving away from the Chick-fil-A that morning.

    Taylor says Cooper went to sleep easily.

    If Cooper was ready to go to sleep, he was going to sleep. ... He was so used to traveling that (he could easily) fall asleep in his car seat. ... It wouldn't be unusual, for example, for him to fall asleep in his car seat just on the way home from church.


    how about a 30 second drive from CFA to LAA??

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