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    Burglars Go Back To Ask For Receipts

    (Brazil) - Three burglars were arrested in Brazil after they returned to a house and asked for the receipts for the goods they had stolen. The young thieves told the owners of the house in Belo Horizonte that they were struggling to sell the stereo, TV and mobile phones because they didn't have the original receipts. A police spokesman said, "We have never seen anything so stupid. It was obvious that when they rang the bell the owner of the house would call us straight away and they were all arrested. They are all underage and I think they were just really naive and thought they would get away with going back."

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    Well at least they were polite burglers

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    That is almost as bad as the Robber who went into this lady's house and stole all of her goods and credit cards. After he stole the cards..he realised that he didn't have enough room in his Wallet to hold them all, so he took out his Drivers License, placed it on the table, then put the womens credit card into his wallet! Now that is Crazy!...I bet that was a hard case to solve!

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    How about the guy who wrote out a robbery note to the bank teller on his own pay stub?

    Or the two young kids who after being released on a mugging charge because the elderly lady's identification was a bit shakey, asked for the 385.00 back. Upon being told they had to see the police Property Clerk, one said to the other "Jeez, we comit the perfect crime and now they won't give us our money". The shakey identification and that comment, convicted them.

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    South Carolina -

    An angry man walked into his local police station and threw a bag of cocaine on the counter. He told the desk sergeant that it was a substandard cut and demanded that dealer he bought it from be arrested.

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