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    WA - Darrel Johnson, 69, brutally murdered, Tacoma, 8 Jan 2005

    A 19 year old, Andrew Brown, was sentenced to 30 years for the brutal murder of a 69 year old man. As he was being sentenced one of his relatives, who felt the sentence was too harsh, made a nasty comment about the victim. A shouting match and brawl broke out and was caught on video. You can see it at the link below.


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    You know, that comment made me sick. But even more amazing, had the victim been black, and had a white person made that comment, Jesse Jackson, and everyone one else would have been out in force.

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    From October 2008:


    The Messina Bulzomi Christensen law firm has settled a case against Washington State Department of Corrections for $2.2 million for the negligent supervision of a violent parolee who beat a 69-year-old Tacoma man to death out for his morning walk...

    At the time of the attack, Brown was officially under 12 months of community custody supervision after being convicted of second-degree robbery in August 2004... While on supervision, Brown repeatedly violated the terms of his probation, quitting work and school, and also engaged in criminal activity, including taking part in gang-related activities, drinking, smoking methamphetamine and cigarettes soaked with embalming fluid.

    He was arrested by the Puyallup Police Department for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Those charges were forwarded to the DOC, but they failed to take appropriate action. From late November 2004 until Jan. 4, 2005, the DOC had effectively ignored Brown...

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