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    AL - Gerald Freund, 43, Birmingham, 3 Nov 2005

    Definitely something wrong here.
    The manager not cooperating with police? Hmmmm

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    It sounds to me like Gerald knew the manager took the money and maybe he confronted him about it saying he would drive them both to the station so the manager could clear his conscience and confess. It's the only reason I could see that the manager wouldn't be helping. Poor guy. I hope they find him.

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    I hate it when a person won't cooperate with LE. Actually it only makes them look guilty. I wonder who took the money? Gerald told his roommate that they had an appointment with LE about the missing money? But they really didn't? Is there proof that the two even met at that mall parking lot? The whole thing sounds odd to me. Maybe Gerald did take the money and was afraid of being turned in and decided to take off. Granted $20 wouldn't get him to far though. I just think it is odd that the two men were planning to go to LE together...or so Gerald said...if each thought the other took the money.
    That doesn't sound right. Wouldn't the manager go and report the money missing as that would be his duty? Something odd about this story.

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    Deer hunter finds a body.

    A badly decomposed body was found in a secluded rural area. Police think it is Gerald.

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    Body identified as Gerald

    CULLMAN, Ala. (AP) -- A decomposed body found by a hunter yesterday has been identified as a missing Birmingham man.

    Cullman County Sheriff Tyler Roden said 43-year-old Gerald Freund was reported missing on November third.

    A hunter checking his deer stand found the body, which was lying about 150 feet from Cullman County Road 821.


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    From April 2010:


    Michael Keith Winchester of Cullman was sentenced in a Jefferson County Circuit Court to life without parole today for killing a co-worker in an attempt to cover up Winchester's theft from their employer...

    In 2005, Winchester stole $48,000 from a BP station in Hoover where both men worked. Prosecutors argued that Winchester, 41, was trying to frame Freund for the theft while trying to convince Freund that the employer suspected him... What Freund didn't know was that Winchester already had filed a theft complaint with Hoover police about the missing money.

    Freund's body was found on land in Cullman County that Winchester used for hunting. The victim's cell phone also was discovered in Winchester's office.

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