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    Quote Originally Posted by Limaes View Post
    You asked and you were answered. It's one's prerogative if they wish to read the book or not however, if you choose not to, I don't think it is fair to the author to copy & paste excerpts from their book.

    Besides, as is constantly reiterated, the transcripts have been available for quiet some time and MaM is still streaming. If one really wants to determine the extent of their editing & splicing, it is not difficult. Especially if one likes to read things for themself. JMO

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    So what you are saying is if we want to understand how the Colbourn testimony was spliced and diced we have to buy the book?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter75 View Post
    For me I question the authors credibility. We have sleuthed this case for over a year now, some, for a LOT longer.

    IMO if excerpts from MG's book are copied & pasted or quoted ( as long as tos aren't violated ) and are shown to be lies ( backed by transcripts & reports that say otherwise ) and the author is presenting them as factual, well?...

    Do we not have the right to sleuth what's being written/said & repeated as fact especially when documents prove different?

    I'm genuinely asking

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    I question the authors credibility as well seeing how he readily admits he is personal friends with Colbourn and Lenk.

    Having said that I have taken the time to read and listen to some of MG's interviews over the past couple days and it is quite interesting the things he has to say, such as:

    - he readily admits there was malicious corruption by authorities during the 1985 case
    - he readily admits that MCSD should not have been involved in the TH case as they had an obvious conflict of interest
    - he readily admits the Dassey "confession" was problematic and done in a fashion to elicit a confession, not to seek truth
    - he readily admits that it is troubling that there seems to have been some intimidation at play with regards to the jury

    All of the above is evidence enough IMO to order a new trial
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    I just finished reading this book. I like reading but did not enjoy this book. It took me months. It wasn't really objective though he restates time and again he was out to seek the truth and wasn't taking sides. Yet, he was satisfied to state LE had no reason to plant eveidence, knew and liked many of the key players and often accepted critized actions because it followed protocol. He did state the times he thought something was hinky, but as long as the info was passed along, he seemed fine with the decisions made by prosecutors and judges, eventhough it seemed contrary to his concerns.

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    Thanks for taking the hit for the rest of us!

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