New, Old, Returning… Hello to all Websleuths!

We are thrilled for the Websleuths community to finally be able to view our series The Killing Season. As some of you may know, we have been working on this project for years. What started as a feature documentary looking into the Gilgo murder investigation on Long Island quickly tuned into an 8 episode true-crime series exploring not only the Gilgo case but many other unsolved serial homicides across the country.

I want to thank every websleuth we spoke to, interviewed, texted, emailed, read posts from… you are all doing such amazing work. I can tell you there are many families I spoke to across the country who had never heard of websleuths and when I explained what you do here, they were very touched. Tragically for so many loved ones left behind, there are few fighting for them. I know many are comforted by the fact that complete strangers are working hard at sourcing clues, matching the missing with the unidentified, spending hundreds of hours going through public records, and more… in essence, doing the tireless work that needs to be done to help cases move forward.


I look forward to your help over the coming weeks and months while the show is on the air but I know your help will extend far beyond.

For you old-timers, please welcome those newbies who want to join you in doing some good. I know it can be intimidating navigating Websleuths but remember, it takes a village!

All Our Best,
Rachel & Josh