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    DE - Joseph Pasturski, 21, killed, 3 injured, Newark, 10 Nov 2005

    Victim's family tries to make sense of shootings

    Less than two weeks before Joseph "Gunner" Smith was charged with fatally shooting Joseph Pasturski, the two went out trick-or-treating with Pasturski's daughter and her mother.

    Two-year-old Arianna, who was dressed as the Winnie-the-Pooh character Eeyore that Halloween night, still does not understand what has happened to her father.

    When she's asked, she says, "Daddy's out," according to Pasturski's mother, Janet Dilks.

    More: http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/p...511140334/1006

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    From October 2010:


    The facts giving rise to these offenses, as set forth by the Superior Court in its Memorandum Opinion of December 6, 2007, reveals that on November 10, 2005, Defendant and the victims were celebrating the birthday of one of the victims, Joseph Pasturski, in Newark, Delaware. The defendant, Mr. Pasturski, Kinney Leonard, Brittany Walker and Jennifer Jamieson were in attendance. The men were drinking heavily that night, including the defendant.

    An argument began between Defendant and Mr. Leonard. Mr. Pasturski attempted to break up the argument... Defendant began shooting. He shot Mr. Pasturski in the chest, killing him. Defendant next fired upon Mr. Leonard and hit him in the lower abdomen. He then turned his attention to the women. He shot Ms. Jamieson in the lower abdomen when she hid behind a couch in the living room. Ms. Walker was shot in the chest while in the kitchen...

    On October 16, 2006, Smith pled guilty to the murder and attempted murder charges... Thereafter, the matter proceeded to sentencing at which Smith received four consecutive life sentences.

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