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From Hoosgirl's link:

<bbm>A teacher said that? That's more like something a kid would say in the playground.

Children are children, but that's incredibly shoddy behaviour on the teacher's part. Does anyone know if Sievers is an unusual name there? Strange thing for an adult to mention, never mind a teacher who I'd have thought would be aware of the girls' circumstances.

There are many reasons the girls should be moved away from Florida. The school environment is a major one.

Their young minds, what must be going on in inside of them. Too sad - and anger inducing - for words.
I would think the Judge would allow the Principal of the girls school to address the staff and faculty who need to know, if not all of them, making them aware of the girls and the situation. Working in a school, we had situations where we needed to know information and were told, just what we needed to know. If others needed more info then they were told it. It sure helped defuse incidents and protect the children

No matter where the girls go to live/school they will have the possibility of someone knowing what is going on. The only way to really protect the girls would be to change their last names...that would not always work either.

Hopefully the girls counselors can help them come back with a verbal response if no adult is around to handle that. If this was a teacher, I hope she was corrected....I am saying that nicely. If it was other students then the school body knows. Only can hope the parents would teach their children to be sensitive...but that is easier said then done.

In all I hope what is decided is the best for the young girls.

I figure no news on this subject is good news. That the Judge has kept a gag order on the case. If anything is leaked....The Judge would be unhappy and I bet would sanction that person. I am sure the defense lawyers are being very careful....more so then in the beginning of this case.