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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Please Read! Thank You to Josh Zeman, Rachel Mills, and A&E

    Josh and Rachel,

    Thank you for allowing Websleuths to be a part of your amazing series. It is an honor to work with you.

    You have the highest integrity when it comes to reporting the facts.

    Your passion for the victims of these serial killers is real and deep in your heart.

    The Killing Season is a groundbreaking docu-series in that you used actual sleuths to help you find these killers. You along with A&E trusted Websleuths to help with many aspects of your show and for that I thank you and the management at A&E.

    You have also given Websleuths something we have been fighting for years to achieve and that is to be recognized as a legitimate tool for investigations.
    So many times I have been told Websleuths would fail. So many times told I was doing everything wrong, told the mods were wrong, criticized for not knowing more and therefore I would fail because I was “an idiot” as I was told over and over by trolls. It has been a constant battle of insults, pressure, betrayal, lack of funds, and just plain old stress but right now I know it was worth it.

    Our members deserve a big pat on the back as well. They have stuck with Websleuths through thick and thin continuing to sleuth and ignoring the negative that sometimes swirled around the forum.

    The mods/admins have given Websleuths much of their lives making sure our members had what they needed to sleuth securely and without the worry of trolls. They too deserve a nice big pat on the back.

    The members and the mods should be celebrating this night as well. Their hard work is paying off.

    Whether there is a season two of the show or not Websleuths will be here to help you with anything you need in the future.

    On behalf of everyone at Websleuths thank you, Josh and Rachel.

    Tricia Griffith
    Please donate atGoFundMe
    PayPal and Google Pay use the email websleuthsdonations@gmail.com
    If half the people who visit today gave $5 dollars we would never have to worry but please
    only donate if you can truly afford to do so
    Thank you

    Tricia Griffith
    6300 N Sagewood Drive
    STE H 214
    Park City UT 84098

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    Rachel and Josh,

    I watched each episode of the series multiple times and was rivetted. The production value was exceptional. You made us feel like we were out there with you, chasing down the stories as one lead led to the next. There were times I was frightened for you and I think you did a good job of putting us there, in that "what is going to happen next" moment. Our members tend to run down leads from behind the computer screen, so it was very interesting to see sleuthing from a jump in the car, run down the leads, go talk to witnesses perspective.

    The sheer numbers of murdered, missing and unidetified victims are overwhelming and heartbreaking. To try to coherently tell the story of what years of sleuthing and pattern recornition discussed by internet sleuths and describe which case might be related to another and why was a daunting task and you did it brilliantly.

    Thank you for all the hard work and meticulous research that went into this project. You did a great job of illustrating somethig that has long been a heartfelt belief of Websleuths members. No matter who these victims were, no matter their lifestyles, their decisions, they were all someone's daughter, sister, mother, friend. They had value and they had names. None deserved to die.

    I truly apprecaite the care you took to relay that to the world and to highlight the "missing" missing and issues with the lack of cooperation and communication among law enforcement agencies. Thank you for embarking on this partnership with Websleuths members, many who have dedicated countless hours to trying to help find justice for victims and highlight the importance of identifying those still unidentified. Thank you for giving those victims and our members a voice.

    Finally, a very big thank you to our members, who continue to care and dedicate their time to the caes of those victims and seek justice.

    Websleuths now on Facebook

    Welcome to all new members. Thank you for joining the conversation. Please take a moment to become familiar with the TOS and rules, etiquette and information.

    mni wiconi - Lakota for Water is Life.

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    Yes Indeed!...I echo everything that Tricia and ticya have stated.
    Kudos to Rachel and Josh and all involved with the A&E production.

    Just absolutely riveting and thought-provoking television and journalism.
    Often the two do not mix very well, but your series has done just a superb job.

    And kudos to Tricia and all involved with the Websleuth's Radio podcasts.
    These have all been very well done and provided great interviews and perspective.

    Let all hope for more. If there is a way that we can prod A&E to proceed with
    a second season, please let us all know.

    Still an Obsessed Night Owl.......

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    Thank you for giving background on the victims so as to help us know more of them, allowing us to see them as more then just victims. Sadly these woman will never be afforded the chance to be anything but dead sex workers to many and often unless someone does as your show did and put their stories to their faces then only the families and friends left behind knew them as people. I grew up in Seattle with Ted, and I came of age during ridgeway, and I always hated that the women were treated as just hookers and too often as Jane doe hookers. As if they had not already suffered the ultimate indignity, on top of that to be left to the worlds view as just another dead hooker by so many is a sad and telling comment on our society. Thank you for at least giving them some dignity in showing us more of who they were and how they came to be victims.

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    Thank you Josh and Rachael! This series was done with such class and integrity, that I think it WILL return. I loved this series! Again, thanks from an old Cherokee Hillbilly!
    Unless I provide a link, every one of my posts are to be considered rumor, Speculation, or simply MY OWN OPINION.

    We are the watchers. We are witnesses. We see what has gone before. We see what happens now, at this dangerous moment in human history. We see what's going to happen - what will surely happen - unless we come together: we - the Peoples of all Nations - to restore peace and harmony and balance to the Earth, our Mother.

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    I am a lifelong resident of the beautful Jersey Shore.
    Thank you Josh and Rachel. The series was great. I hope one day the LISK and the AC ones will be closed. I live in between both and it's scarey.
    ~~ Donna ~~

    **Collective I.Q. of YARN I tell you**

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    Garavaglia: “The mandible was there. It was there on x-ray and it was there in pictures.”
    Mason: “Who placed the mandible there?”
    Garavaglia: “God.” ***

    ***Mason returned to the possibility of drowning. Garavaglia replied that she had never seen a drowning with duct tape on the lower half of the face. “There’s no reason why a child that’s drowned is put in a plastic bag and dumped on the side of the road,” Garavagalia said.

    ***JB to Murdock :"Sir you're not a piece of duct tape are you? So you can't say your brand is my brand can you, sir"?***

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    I loved how in depth your investigation and reporting went. My only complaint and great concern was including and if including at least blur out the face of what I gathered from her speaking that she was 15 years old. She was the daughter of the victim killed in Florida that led to the discovery of mass highway SKs. She was absolutely beautiful which can doubly alert the interest of whoever killed her mother. SKs are known to keep up with all shows and news of their perceived killing games. I may be overly protective, but I feel her mother may have felt the same.

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    Many thanks for your tireless work on an excellent documentary. Your venue may lead to great change in help for investigators as well as alerting the public in the buried horrors (both figurative and literal) throughout the country. You have also given a human rights and social protection platform to a forgotten population and with such dignity. Thank you so much and I hope many of us can help what you've started! I am in awe of the talent on this website.
    My opinion only, unless referenced or supported by a link. Thank you!

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    Thanks for shedding light on the missing, the murdered, and those in law enforcement that are suppose to be paying attention to both. Thanks for enlightening us with the Murder Accountability Project. Thanks for shedding light on connections between cases and/or killers. And.... Thank you for sharing your light with Websleuths!

    ETA: We're all looking forward to your next creative endeavors!

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    Thank you for all your hard work and research. It is a story that needs to be told and not ignored.You all did a great job bringing to light the horror thats all around us. If we all work together maybe justice will prevail.I look forward to more on the subject.

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    Fantastic documentary! Exciting and cutting edge! Congratulations to Josh and Rachel and everyone within the production for a high level of professionalism in all regards.
    It is your commitment and your hard work, that ultimately will shape the final outcome, which will be, when the LISK is caught, as well as other offenders.

    Thank you for being a victims’ advocate. Those girls lived a tough life as it was. We cannot ever judge them. We can judge however the desperate circumstances leading to their fate, which I blame on the despicable individuals propagating drugs and prostitution. And we can and will judge L.I.S.K. With judge and jury.

    Thank you,
    If the key does not fit, it's the wrong key.

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    HELP!! All episodes of The Killing Season are now locked on A&E. I only got through episode 3; I'm not happy I have no cable or satellite
    This is just MOO

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    awesome series !!!!! I pass a lot of truck stops along the highway and I am terrified to say the least at learning of the long haul truckers who may be involved.
    What is equally frightening are "The Missing Missing". Please continue this wonderful series. I watched the episodes back to back over a couple of days. I could not take my eyes off the tv !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vabrownid1 View Post
    HELP!! All episodes of The Killing Season are now locked on A&E. I only got through episode 3; I'm not happy I have no cable or satellite
    I'm sad it's " locked " now.

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