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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibiz View Post
    <mod snip> It said Tera was HEADED to the same trail that Sherri disappeared on. Also, the fact that she had a friend that disappeared while jogging is VERY significant to this case! <mod snip>
    SP wasn't jogging on a trail, or Old Oregon Trail either. The mailboxes are on Sunrise Drive.

    The man suspected in Tera Smith's disappearance claimed he dropped her off at the corner of Old Arturas rd. and Old Oregon Trail, which is 8 miles from the intersection of OOT and Sunrise. His word is the only thing that puts TS there; no other witnesses saw her.

    I fail to see the significance, or the relevance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaaBoom View Post
    So how does that relate to this case? SP is not developmentally disabled, she is not 17 years old, and I'm pretty sure she did not meet her kidnappers through a mutual friend. It's apples and oranges.

    If you are going to try to make a case for human trafficking, at least try to find a similar case. Otherwise I fail to see how it is relevant.
    I agree. Sex trafficking is a huge problem, I'm not denying it exists. A lot of good work is being done to persuade the public that girls, women, boys and men aren't making rationale and empowering decisions when they go into prostitution, they are usually being pushed into it by exploitative people who profit from and control them.

    But I just cannot buy the idea that any sane sex trafficker would recruit happy, drug free, well-educated, middle class women by snatching them off the street. Such people cannot be coerced or controlled, no matter how much violence or drugs are used, they know their rights, they know the law is on their side, and they will escape at the first opportunity and send the law back and it will come down very hard.

    I wish the same could be said for all the vulnerable, desperate people who fall into traffickers hands, but sadly it is not. And the pimps know it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vlpate View Post
    Interesting since the Sheriff used the word "abducted" during his November 29 presser
    Regardless, when the perps are caught, they will be charged with kidnapping b/c of the imprisonment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancydrew71 View Post
    I'm new here but I'm wondering if what happened is these two women in the SUV came to close to her while she was jogging and she shook her fist at them or gave them a dirty look and that started this. The women could be bullies. JMO
    Maybe, but I think it's really not that likely that two women who just happened upon her would get so angry that they would imprison her for 22 days...I've heard of road rage, but not like that. Also, if they were able to keep her hidden somewhere for 22 days, this sounds to me preplanned.

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    I agree, it's hard to apply rational thoughts to an irrational matter. IMO, at some point, SP encountered these 2 beasts, whether previously or for the 1st time during the abduction. If it was a crime of opportunity, as you noted, she could have seen them. If a stun gun (taser) was used, it would explain the burns on her body as well as a loss of memory. Since reading about the report of the girl attacked by 2 women at the dog park with a taser, I have to wonder if this method could've been used with SP as well. JMO. BBM

    Tasers, also called Electronic Control Weapons (ECW), are battery-operated hand-held units that fire two barbed electrodes up to 35 feet. These electrodes are connected to the unit by copper wires and deliver a pulse of up to 50,000 volts of electricity that temporarily disrupts electrical conduction in the body. Once jolted, the individual falls to the ground and is unable to think or move for a short period of time.


    Quote Originally Posted by 2Hope4 View Post
    Lake16! Prayers continue for the Papini family!

    I've been thinking... and truly, I don't know what I believe happened in this case. As everyone has stated, we're elated SP is ALIVE and thus has a chance to heal, and thrive!! The alternative was sadly much more likely to have happened. Too many cases end up with deceased in the title.

    I've no doubt that SP knows and saw lots more than what's been released, and that LE knows that. As I stated in a prior thread, watch the 20/20 interview near the end when KP was asked about the actual abduction. KP's pause was immediately noticeable, and it was either because I realized he leaked a detail, or perhaps should not have answered, etc. It was during his 'theory' of what could have happened, and how SP wasn't as likely to approach a vehicle with men. SP talked with those abductors because she was abducted, IMO. I don't know their ruse, but there was communication, and she saw them. Now it could have only been 30 seconds or so, and then the abduction occurred, so she may not have mentally taken in all she was seeing at that moment. I mean I could speak to someone in the grocery store, ask me 5 minutes later what they were wearing, or looked like, and unless something just stood out, I probably couldn't tell you. I don't pay much attention to details, others are highly detail oriented and could tell you what type of shoe, socks, whether they had a weave, or wig, or real hair, etc. I doubt I would remember if they had on makeup!

    During that time of abduction, she may have seen glimpses or this or that, and be able to give minute details that eventually add up to a profile of sorts, even if she can't provide an accurate description for an artist. JMO!

    Lastly, after reading a case here the other night where a guy was murdered because he wanted to leave to get a pack of cigarettes, well, nothing would surprise me as motive anymore, and all my guesses in the world don't matter. I've seen some far out motives while following true crimes, but daggone if anyone is worth killing over a pack of cigs! Heck, the young boy that was killed for less than $20 when he and his cousin rode their bike, and those scum suckers abducted him from his bike, drove around torturing him, then killed him and dumped him like trash! There's just so much evil.....unable to comprehend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robthomaseyes View Post
    The fact that her phone was placed neatly rather than thrown haphazardly suggests that SHE was the one that placed it like that. It would make sense that her phone was placed as it was with the earbuds coiled neatly and place on top if, when they took her, they told her to put her phone down. They wouldn't want her being able to use it, and they certainly wouldn't want it pinging, so they would probably tell her to leave it behind.
    does any one have a picture of the phone and where it was found? based on the 20/20 interview with Sheriff Bosenko, the phone was across from the mailbox in the grass. It looks like it is right at the perfect spot to be seen from all three directions. The road to the mailbox dead ends (mailboxes on right) and then you either go right or left, the phone appears to be found on the left at the curve. So, in any direction you are traveling, the phone is easily discovered with or without an app. IMO
    The Sheriff has said very little definitively, he did say he felt the phone had been placed there. Seems like it was and they wanted it found. IMO
    Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robthomaseyes View Post
    The fact that her phone was placed neatly rather than thrown haphazardly suggests that SHE was the one that placed it like that. It would make sense that her phone was placed as it was with the earbuds coiled neatly and place on top if, when they took her, they told her to put her phone down. They wouldn't want her being able to use it, and they certainly wouldn't want it pinging, so they would probably tell her to leave it behind.
    Wouldn't that take time?

    I'm thinking she was abducted, and after she was securely in the car, the perps placed the phone where it was found. I'm not convinced that spot is actually the spot where she disappeared, but made to look that way.

    Why? I don't know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sumzero View Post
    No family member, including Keith, has ever suggested the text message was bogus. Nothing they've said about the abduction includes Sherri being forced to send a text to her husband. Nothing they've said suggests Sherri was held inside her home for a period of time during which the abductors bided their time and even sought to avoid having Keith come home unexpectedly to find them. Nothing they've said suggests anything was disturbed in the home. So, I think we have no reason to think the abductors had anything to do with the text.
    We have nothing to suggest they didn't text...we have nothing to suggest she was sexually assaulted but it is being suggested. Again today, after sveral meetings with SP the Sheriff still has nothing to suggest a motive and is seemingly clueless as to what the "message" that was burned onto SP's skin means.
    This article does suggest she was taken in and out of wherever she was staying more than once...which is really odd...they were taking a huge chance with her in the car hooded and bound...a traffic stop would have been the end of the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophieRose View Post
    I posted what the California victims fund covers and it certainly does not cover the cost of a new house or new vehicle. It covers things like counseling, lost wages, security system ($!K), funeral costs if murdered. It caps out at $63k.
    Quote Originally Posted by yllek View Post
    Thanks Sophie. I missed your earlier post on the subject and didn't see the $63k cap when I just checked out the website. Good to know.
    Relocation is covered. Since the Ps lived in a "family home" I wonder if they possess the deed to the property. If not, then it is possible that they may not have adequate savings for a down payment for a home in another area if they cannot rely upon the ability of selling the family home.

    With a cap of $63k, SP can easily use that funding in therapy fees. The entire family may require therapy b/c KP stated that his wife was behaving differently and he was not accustomed on how to respond to her new found fear of lights being turned out and doors being closed, for example. PTSD, for short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lake16 View Post
    Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation I could not answer that question if I knew. I don't. There were certain questions I did not ask.
    Thanks! I thought maybe if I worded the question differently you could answer it.
    That seems to be a question many people want to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daninillinois View Post
    I don't mind trying to answer. For me there are two interesting puzzles here.

    Puzzle 1: What was the purpose of the abduction? The fact that it doesn't fit neatly in one of the standard scenarios ...

    --punishment/message-sending (doesn't take three weeks for this)
    --profit by ransom (no ransom demands were made)
    --sex-trafficking (SP doesn't fit the right demographic and [as was clear by the second day if not right from the start] doesn't have the "no one will want to find her anyhow" trait that runaways, mentally ill, homeless, addicts, et al have
    --sexual enslavement (unusual for two women to abduct one woman for this, and keep in mind that KP said the two women were the only people SP saw)

    ... means that we all are scratching our heads and wondering what this was. So we come here to discuss and, yes, to speculate without a lot of data.

    Puzzle 2: Whatever you think of him, CG seems to have problems keeping his facts straight. He also has a consistent pattern of hostility to law enforcement. For me (not necessarily for others) this combination of a smoke and mirrors way with words plus a "stand back, cops and FBI" tone raises the specter that the whole case at its core is some form of deception, especially alongside Puzzle 1 above. Last night Lake16 made the valid point that whatever you think of CG, his thirst for publicity kept the case in the public eye and might thereby have contributed to making SP a captive who was too dangerous to keep. I agree with her. The flip side, however, for me, is that the difficulty I have in trusting him occasionally has made it difficult for me to trust the people he says he represents. In short, I think his presence has cast aspersions on the Papinis and their friends and family, and probably unfairly. Puzzle 2 boils down to: Given that there's a bunch of b.s. here, exactly how much is there? For this puzzle I actually think we have more data to chew on--ransom offers, videos, URL registrations--and I don't think it's all speculation.
    Thank you for the thoughtful reply.
    I too am interested in Gamble and his behavior and methods.
    I just don't know how to be careful enough to discuss it without breaking the rules.
    I supose that's why I'm mostly in a lurk stage and asking questions about what other posters are here trying to achieve while staying in the confines of what is verified information. I just want to make sure I don't break any rules and thought maybe it could help me understand better my own objectives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robthomaseyes View Post
    Regardless, when the perps are caught, they will be charged with kidnapping b/c of the imprisonment.
    There does not appear to be a law in California for "abduction" unless it is a child.

    5-8 years for kidnapping

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    Quote Originally Posted by soanyway View Post
    I don't know what the motives were for the attempted kidnapping of this 27 year old mother in Redding, luckily she got away and they were apprehended. Just showing that it is not that far-fetched to think an adult woman would be abducted, especially in a high crime area where drugs and repeat offenders are prevalent.

    In that case I believe their motive was mental illness and drug use. They were convicted of making a criminal threat. Interesting case, but it doesn't have anything to do with human trafficking, and it wasn't even a kidnaping attempt.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Erinleigh12 View Post
    Can I ask a question respectfully?
    if everyone believes this case as it is told...why so many pages?
    We accept that LE can't and won't share info. We accept that the family deserves privacy. We accept that it was horrible and that it was 2 women who abducted and tortured her. So what is there to sleuth and dissect?
    If LE isn't offering clues, and we cannot speculate on anything not stated as fact thus far....why are we all still here day after day, page after page trying to make something out of nothing?
    We have hashed over grocery bags. Hose clamps. Why 2 women. Dogs being left behind. Using daycare without a job. Etc etc
    But why? Why are we still so fascinated with this story? We may never be told and our guesses are nothing but fabricated assumptions.
    Why are we unable to wait for the pieces to fall together ?
    Is it because we all think deep down there is way more to this case than meets the eye? Or is it because as much as the family states the want privacy...we decided too bad...we wanna pry?

    i guess I just don't know what there is to sleuth right now. We have been given absolutely nothing. There is less info on this case than any I have ever been a researched.

    So my question is to anyone who wishes to answer. What still draws you to this page even though no new evidence has been given?
    Really interesting and thought-provoking post with some excellent questions!

    - One initial thing is that everyone doesn't believe the case as it is told. Some do, some don't, some are confused, some are in a wait 'n see mode. If you look at the threads in other cases you'll find that all the big and nationally-known cases tend to get discussed down to the tiniest degree and many other cases do as well.

    - A majority of people interested in true crime want to try and make sense of a case, in the absence of information, perhaps especially in the absence of information. But, even when there is information there are always gaps and the human mind does not like gaps, so the desire to fill in any gaps is compelling.

    - I think people can speculate to their heart's content, but only within the TOS of the site and of course not about specific things the admins have said are verboten. Confirmation of which theory is correct, if any, won't be known until there's a resolution to the case and release of detailed information, which can take months, years, if ever.

    - As for accepting LE won't share info, there are people who don't accept that and there are people who do accept that.

    - As for respecting the family's privacy there are people who don't think this 'privacy' request is fair, because they have questions and want answers, but it seems like many, perhaps most people do understand why the family would want their privacy.

    - Why the interest and fascination? I suspect it's because of the publicity, the intrigue, the mysterious aspects of the crime, the attractive young mom and devoted husband as the victims, and good old fashioned obsession mixed in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannonball3804 View Post
    In my experience, locals often have a less-insightful view of things. The grapevine can be a twisted, terrible thing. Locals will bring their own biases and grudges into the analysis

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    I agree, There are many ex-husbands and stepfathers and boyfriends that were under suspicion for years, shunned by the locals, only to have an arrest later of a random serial killer or perverted neighbor. It happened in a lot of cases that way.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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