What I was thinking too lawdog, did she have NO advocate, no one to talk to? Did no one say HEY this guy is...........well I think she was arrested but must've never gone to trial, she walked and he didnt, I think it was HIS drugs but Im not sure, of course there was video surveillance, so now Im not sure.........she tended to back her car into her driveway too, thats what people do who are hiding their tag.......i just dont know lawdog, these are all too weird and like you said, they aren't young party animals...yeah something seems really weird
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It seems to me that nobody was looking out for her best interest, why would family, friends, etc, just sit back and not say hey what are you thinking? Anything to get her away from the people she was running with. And why in the world would she be involved with any drug actions at her age, I see no history of anything leading to this outcome. I just don't get this whole situation at all. These people are in their 60s and 70s, talking about all the Putnam County connected cases. It just does not add up, and I sure hope an outside party is looking into these connections. There has to be a smart CHIEF somewhere.