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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannigirl View Post
    Linda was one of my close friends and I have searched the web for her or information on her for many, many years. Our friendship began when her family moved to a house on my street. We used to sit in her room and listen to David Bowie songs for hours. Her mom and step-dad ended up divorcing and they moved out of the neighborhood. Linda and I remained friends and I remember she was working as a waitress, had a new mustang (I believe it was rust colored if memory serves me correctly) and had just bought new school clothes. She was very mature and smart, and I never considered for a minute that she just walked away from her family and friends. If this Strongsville Jane Doe turns out to be Linda we will still, unfortunately, always wonder what happened to her and why. And the gunshot wound is even more disturbing. She was a dear friend and I feel so bad for her family not knowing what happened all of these years. Rest in peace dear Linda. I hope you are going to David Bowie concerts in Heaven!
    Welcome to WS and thank you for sharing your memories of Linda.
    All you need is love and. . . .(fill in the blank)

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    Welcome to Websleuths, Dannigirl ! Thank you for coming here and sharing your memories of Linda with us. We're sorry for your loss.

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    All you need is love and. . . .(fill in the blank)

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    Great series being done by the Akron Beacon Journal. Today's story

    Akron teen ‘on top of the world’ before disappearing in 1974

    All statements are my opinion only.

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    Another article related to this case, Akron Police are currently trying to make contact with Linda's boyfriend at the time but so far have been unable to locate him: https://www.ohio.com/akron/news/loca...ndas-boyfriend.

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    Akron detectives renew efforts to solve older missing persons cases


    Linda disappeared in 1974 after an argument with her stepfather. Smithís NamUs search showed a potential match between Linda and some remains found in a Cleveland Metropark a few months after she went missing. Those remains soon will be exhumed for testing to determine if they belong to Linda.

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    Akron Police: Wrong corpse exhumed in 40-year-old cold case; authorities continue search for missing teen's body

    AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Missing for more than 40 years, the family of an Akron teen told Cleveland 19 News they think they know where Linda Pagano is – they just can’t confirm it yet.
    Michael said he never believed his sister ran away but thought he'd never know what happened to her.

    Until last March, when he said he was contacted by an Akron police sergeant who gave him new hope.
    He said the sergeant, and a web sleuth, put together some of the pieces of the puzzle with assistance from new technology, and determined that the remains of a young woman found in 1975 might belong to Linda.
    “She was basically treated like a runaway which is another reason they missed I think when the remains were found,” said Michael.

    In 1975, the remains of a young woman were found in Strongsville, they were not claimed, and they were buried in a Potters field in Cleveland.

    “They say she wasn't but she was forgotten about,” said Michael.
    Remains were exhumed from the Potters Field – but they were the wrong remains.
    Hugh Shannon, a spokesperson from the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office, said due to no graves being marked and old records, they received the wrong plot location and thus exhumed different remains than those that might belong to Linda.

    Shannon said that the case connected to the remains that were exhumed will be looked at as well.

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    These are the latest developments since the Beacon Journal/Ohio.com published a three-part series this month exploring Akron’s oldest missing persons cases.

    The series featured the case of Linda Pagano, a 17-year-old Akron girl who disappeared in 1974 after an argument with her stepdad, and the modern-day web sleuths who may have connected her to bones buried in a Cleveland pauper’s grave.


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    Hello Danni , could the girl photographed by Rodney Alcala known as Helmet Girl be Linda? I hope the Strongsville UID is your friend! Wish you a lot of strength.

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