Raina Bo Shirley
Date of birth: 4 February 1982
Place of birth: Potter Valley CA

On 13 March 1996, 28 year old Arnaldo Jorge Manzo gave a ride to three children. He drove them to a popular teen party spot on the Eel River, near Potter Valley CA. One of the children was his 13 year old nephew. Another was a 14 year old classmate of the nephew, Raina Bo Shirley. The other was a 13 year old girl friend of Raina's.

At the party spot, Manzo “treated” the children to methamphetamine. Manzo and his nephew then sexually assaulted the two girls. When the hysterical girls would not get back in Manzo's vehicle, he and his nephew abandoned them.

Somehow, the 13 year old girl made her way back to Potter Valley, where she was found wandering stupefied and confused on the street. A search for Raina was promptly launched. Her backpack and clothing were found at the scene of the rapes. Her naked body would be discovered 23 days later, downstream of the party spot.

The nephew was arrested; he served a year in a juvenile corrective facility in Nevada. Manzo fled to Mexico with a murder warrant pending.

In March 1999, Manzo was arrested in Mexico. He was charged by Mexican authorities with kidnapping, robbery, theft, and assault. While locked in a maximum security prison there, he was shot to death by fellow gangsters on 12 March 1999.

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