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    IL - Deon McGary, 26, shot to death, Chicago, 13 Nov 2005

    A 12-year-old boy was charged with first-degree murder Friday after he allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot a man four times during a street dice game in the pre-dawn hours on Chicago's Far South Side last Sunday.

    The boy -- one of the youngest in recent memory to be charged with murder in Cook County -- continued firing even after the 26-year-old victim fell to the ground, a law enforcement source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Deon McGary of Hazel Crest was shot in each shoulder, his right bicep and groin, another source said.

    The boy allegedly opened fire soon after McGary and the boy's cousin exchanged words and then tussled, sources said, but it wasn't clear what provoked the original argument.

    The boy, a student at Avalon Park Elementary School, was charged days after he and his parents showed up at the Calumet Area police station on the Far South Side.

    'He's scared, upset'

    "I guess he's reacting like any 12-year-old child would act -- he's scared, upset, confused," said the boy's attorney, Steven Fine, who refused to discuss details of the case with a reporter.


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    Yeah, "acting like any 12 yr old would"....he's scared!

    Poor innocent misunderstood kid

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    You got that right Linda.. my daughter is the same age, it is hard for me to grasp this little killer is a scared kid

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    From Chicago Sun Times
    The boy was apparently watching the dice game on the street in the 10400 block of South Maryland shortly after midnight Saturday when the fight broke out.
    Why are the parents allowing their 12 year old son to be out on the streets at and after midnight?!?!?! Shame on them!

    The article doesn't mention where the boy got the gun, I'm curious about that, as well.

    He can be held until he's 21, whoopee - then he comes out even more hardened and bitter and is a danger to society. I sure hope he gets a lot of therapy instead of just juvenile hall if they really plan on releasing him as a young adult. I just don't see much of a future for that kid. Very sad.
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    From August 2006:


    A 13-year-old Chicago boy convicted of murdering a Hazel Crest man during a dice game last year dabbed away his tears Wednesday as a Cook County Juvenile Court judge sentenced him to prison until he turns 21.

    Under state law, the boy must be held in the Illinois Department of Corrections Juvenile Division for a minimum of 5 years, said Assistant Cook County State's Atty. Allison MacLellan. But he could be released at 18 if he exhibits good behavior, she added.

    After a two-day bench trial in June, Brooks convicted the boy for fatally shooting Deon McGary, 26, on Nov. 13, during a dice game in the Far South Side Pullman neighborhood.

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