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    OK - Karlie Pierce, 30, found slain, burned, Greenfield, 4 Jan 2017 *Arrest*


    Mysti Pierce said the road to her daughter's death began five years ago when she got involved in an abusive relationship. “I saw her black eye and her bruised arm and her stab on her leg,” she said, among other stories of violence.

    The father of three of Karlie's four children has been convicted of domestic abuse twice and her mother filed a protective order against him earlier this year. She said she called the Blaine County Sheriff's Office repeatedly on her daughter's behalf, but he was never arrested...

    When Karlie's parents had not heard from her in two days, their first stop was the boyfriend's house. Her mom said, “We saw blood on the floor. In the kitchen it was smeared, and I know that’s what it was, and then there was big drops back behind and Jeanie could smell Clorox.”

    The Blaine County District Attorney has charged Alan Dale Brower with first-degree murder, second-degree burglary and possession of a controlled dangerous substance...

    Pierce’s body was found partially burned in a field behind her and Brower’s Greenfield home on Wednesday, a Blaine County Sheriff’s Office spokesman tells PEOPLE. Two days later, a medical examiner’s report concluded that Pierce, 30, died from blunt force trauma and a fractured neck.

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    As a victim of abuse myself, I'm always pleased to see an abuser receive the punishment that is greatly deserved. I know it will never replace a lost loved one, but it always a good thing when an abuser is on the receiving end for a change. I pray that justice is swift and heavy in this case so the family can experience healing to some degree.

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    Rest easy Karlie

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    Second arrest made in connection to murder of Oklahoma mother whose body was found partially burned in field

    "Agents learned Adam Duane Collier allegedly assisted in the cleanup of the crime scene, helped with the removal of Pierce’s body from the crime scene, as well as the disposal of her body and evidence of the crime.

    Collier has since been arrested for accessory to first-degree murder."

    Pond scum. Both of them.

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