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    Lightbulb Ned's Christmas Wish

    YEPPERS I'M BACK :bigthumb: Ya all miss me?

    Okay I have a Christmas Wish! You all can all help in making my wish come true now, no pushing and shoving LOL. Kay, here it goes. Letís pretend Ned is a handsome, debonair investigator, yeah yeah, I know itís not hard to do LOL. Now, as an investigator I believe this case is SOLVABLE, and I need all of your help, in solving it. So let's pretend you are all now my Assistant Investigators.

    We all know for a fact that all the players in this case were NOT interviewed sufficiently. We all know that the BPD did a lousy investigation. We also know that Patsy and John dodged out of their interviews, and we all know that they are liars anyway and donít like to play in our reindeer games, so they are off our questions to ask list, along with Burke, because they wonít let him play either. So here is where you all come in. I have 3 witnesses that I think are valuable to this case, valuable enough, that I think THEY can help prove WHO murdered JonBenet. Now below are my three witnesses. What I need from you all is a list of questions that you as investigators would ask each of these witnesses that we donít already have the answers too.

    Fleet White
    Pricilla White
    Linda Hoffman Pugh

    I have left the guests from the Whiteís party off the list, because I believe any questions asked of them, most likely could be directed to Fleet and Pricilla. I have also left off Mr. Barnhill, Melodie Stanton, and others, because I would like to focus on the 3 primary witnesses, IMO to this case.

    Compile your lists of questions to each of them in your post.

    THE RULES. Rule No. 1: Ned Makes all the rules.
    Rule No 2: No question is a dumb question, but try to approach this as if you were really interviewing these three witnesses. Rule 3: This is not a Pro-Ramsey game, but for those PRís you can play anyway just to make it more interesting J Rule 4: ABSOLUTELY NO witness adding. I want questions to the 3 witnesses above ONLY. Rule 4: You can ask as many questions as you like, but if you see that someone else asked the same question or one similar, edit your post and take it out. Also post answers to questions you feel you may have the answer too but please back it up with facts. Rule 5: Ned has complete edit control for the final post of collaborated questions, and you each give me the rights to copy your posts and questions.

    Why am I doing this? Well, this case is stalled, Iím bored, and I started to re-think my theory on this case. Now donít worry, I havenít jumped fence AGAIN. I am actually going to start a separate thread with my new theory on it, AFTER we make our Christmas list. Boy oh boy, I bet you all canít wait to read it LOL. Just what we all need, ANOTHER theory. Well heck, we have to do something to keep us entertained.
    -This list may take some time, and I plan on sending out an e-mail to all in my address book to join in.

    After our list is all compiled, Iíll let you all know what I am going to do with it. Trust me, your all going to like thisÖ. Well at least some of you will J

    Now letís make Nedís Christmas Wish come trueÖÖ

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    In heels
    Hi Ned

    I'd love to play but I got stuck at the part where I had to imagine you as handsome and debonair

    I'll try again later...

    Welcome back to the forum and Happy Holidays

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    Fleet, what is your name?
    Pricilla, what is your favorite color?
    Linda, what is the air speed of an unladen african swallow?

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    Fleet White

    his wife and children appeared before the Grand Jury 7 times. In addition he cooperated fully with the BPD until the rift developed with the DA's office.

    Your statement that "We all know the players in this case were not interviewed sufficiently" is misleading and not based in fact. In my opinion, Linda Hoffman Pugh is not a player or even an important witness.

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    Originally posted by BrotherMoon
    Linda, what is the air speed of an unladen african swallow?

    Are they migratory?

    (How much do the coconuts weigh?)

    Are you speaking of Monty Python??

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    I worship the serpent in many forms.

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    I'll play. I like imagining Ned as Ned a handsome, debonair investigator.

    Priscilla, do you remember Patsy saying or doing anything, particularly anything of a religious nature, that seems strange in retrospect?

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    Okay now Ajt, Brothermoon and Witness 2 can't play, you broke the rules, although Brothermoon gets points for originality.

    Witness 2. NONE OF THE WITNESSES IN THIS CASE WERE PROPERLY INTERVIEWED. There are MANY questions that have come up NOW that weren't even thought about then.

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    Thank you Maxi! Good question too. BTW Witness 2, IMO Linda Hoffman Pugh is one of the MOST important witnesses in this case. She was NOT interviewed properly.

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    "Priscilla, did you ever loan any of your clothing to Patsy?"
    "Did you ever loan her one of your sweaters?"

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    Very good Maxi. Then again how does anyone differentiate religious from strange? Subjective isn't it? Mixing Advent and Lent is strange isn't it? Equating your child's life with that of the dying and resurrecting Christ is strange isn't it? Presenting that child with a twin doll a la Thomas and Pisces is strange isn't it? But would Linda pick up on such things? I doubt it. Better to ask her a general question about Patsy's remarks on religion. Good idea though, the things women of the house tell their cleaning ladies!

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    Let me help you out here Brothermoon, since you are having troubles. LOL

    Linda Hoffman Pugh

    1.) You last stated you left JonBenet's blanket in the dryer. The blanket as we know was found drapped around JonBenet. Did JonBenet ever go to bed without the blanket, and did you wash the Barbie doll nightgown in the same load of laundry with the blanket?

    2.) When was the last time you saw John Andrew at the Ramsey home and what was his demeanor?

    3.) Had you ever seen the suitcase in question and where was the last place you had seen it?

    4.) Did you ever see the duvet cover or the Dr. Suess book in the suitcase prior to the crime?

    5.) Did either of the children ever drink tea?

    6.) Were you ever shown the photo of the mysterious baseball bat left outside, and do you recognize it as one of Burke's?

    7.) While cleaning the home, did you ever see the flashlight in question in either the parents or children's room? Did you ever see the flashlight prior to the crime?

    8.) Were you ever shown photos of the washer and dryer contents, and did you recognize any of the contents in the washer?

    9.) Do you remember any of the videos that the Ramsey's may have owned?

    10.) The last time you saw Burke Ramsey, what was he doing and what sort of games was he playing with friends?

    11.) Did you ever see JonBenet write on herself?

    This is just a start. Sure many of these questions may have been asked. But WE don't know the answers to them. So I want a list of questions we have yet to have the answers too.

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    Linda Hoffman Pugh:

    12.) Did you see or know of the fresh pineapple in the Ramsey's refridgerator?

    13.) In the past when the Ramsey's flew on their private jet, did you ever see or know them to pack their clothes in plastic bags?

    14.) Did you ever witness Patsy painting, and if so, where did she often sit to paint?

    15.) How often did either of the children play in the basement?

    16.) What hours did you work and on what days?

    17.) Did you ever see the larger pair of packaged underpants in JB's dresser?

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    Welcome back, Ned! So glad you returned and hope all's well in your part of the world. Though others seem to be having difficulty following the rules, I'll play along. There are MANY questions I would ask your 3 witnesses, but here are just a few. Feel free to email me with any other needs, questions, comments, etc.

    I would give my left leg (it's no good anymore anyway LOL) to read FW and PW's initial interview with BPD. That being said, here goes:

    Fleet White:

    1. At what time exactly did you and your wife arrive at the Ramsey home on Dec. 26th?
    2. Whom did you find already at the home upon your arrival?
    3. In your opinion, what was the demeanor of John and Patsy Ramsey upon your arrival?
    4. Please describe in your own words the events in the Ramsey household following your arrival until the time you left for the day.
    5. Did you have any private conversations with Det. Linda Arndt, and if so, please reiterate the full text of them.
    6. Did you receive a telephone call from Mike Bynum on Dec. 26th?
    7. If so, were you directed by Mr. Bynum to meet him at his offices? What time?
    8. Please reiterate the full conversation between you and Mr. Bynum in his offices on Dec. 26th.
    9. Did you ever receive any other contact from any Ramsey attorney? If so, whom, when and please reiterate the full text of those conversations.
    10. What was the text/nature of the conversation(s) you had with either John or Patsy Ramsey, Don Paugh and any other member of the Ramsey family in Atlanta?
    11. At what time did the Ramseys arrive at your Christmas party on Dec. 25th?
    12. At what time did the Ramseys leave your Christmas party on Dec. 25th?
    13. Please reiterate the full text of any conversation you had with Burke Ramsey at any time on Dec. 26th.
    14. Were any cellular phones used by anyone in the Ramsey household during your attendance on Dec. 26th? If so, whose cell phone was used and describe if you can the context of any conversations you overheard.

    Priscilla White:
    1. At what time did the Ramsey arrive and leave your Christmas party on the 25th?
    2. What were you wearing at your Christmas party on Dec. 25th?
    3. Please reiterate the full text of any and all conversations you participated in with John, Patsy and/or Burke Ramsey on Dec. 26th.
    4. Please reiterate the full text of any and all conversations you participated in with John, Patsy and/or Burke Ramsey in Atlanta.

    Linda Hoffman Pugh:
    1. Were you working at the Ramseys on the days in which the house was being decorated for Christmas? If so, who else was participating in the decorating?
    2. Was Rev. Rol Hoverstock in attendance for any of the Ramsey house decorating?
    3. Did you ever have occasion to observe any computers, including laptops, in the Ramsey household? If so, whose and describe the contents of what you observed on them.
    4. What is your current opinion of Darnay Hoffman?

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    Fleet White

    1. At the party held at the Ramseyís on December 23, did you dial 911 on the phone, and if so why?

    2. It has been reported that at the party JB was observed sitting alone crying? Did you observe anything like that?

    3. What time did you arrived at the Ramsey house the morning of December 26, and who was present?

    4. What time did you first go to the Ramsey basement on the morning of December 26?

    5. Do you know if you went to the basement prior to the Officer French or other police personnel?

    6. Did you notice anything unusual in the basement during your first trip there?

    7. Were you able to freely move around the basement without moving furniture or other obstacles?

    8. Were you aware that John went to the basement that morning, and, if so, do you know if he went before or after your first trip there?

    9. When you went to the basement later with John, did you notice anything that was moved or different in any way from you earlier visit?

    10. John reported that when he went to the basement the first time, he noted that a chair or stool was blocking the entrance to the train room. Did you observe anything like that during your first visit alone or your second visit with John?

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