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    Quote Originally Posted by Marilynilpa View Post
    A total of 2348 Baltimoreans were reported missing to the Missing Persons Bureau during 1947, according to the annual report of Police Commissioner Hamilton R. Atkinson.

    The number of persons under 21 totaled 1657.

    The number of men and boys under 21-1472-reported missing, almost doubled the number of women-876.

    Among the 31 young men and boys under 21 still missing, is Kenneth Hager, 11-year-old mentally handicapped youngster who disappeared April 9 while playing on the street near his home in the 1600 block of Lansing Avenue.

    Four boys missing include: Robert Ladany Jr., 14, of the 600 block of South Lehigh street, who has been missing since October 25; Lawrence E. Peters, 15, reported missing from his home in the 200 block of South Gilmor street December 12; Joseph Redolfi, 17, of the 3700 block of Claremont Ave, missing since December 27; and Gordon T. Powell, 15, missing since December 13.


    I wonder if any of the other boys missing that year were ever found?

    What a sad story, that poor little boy.
    I was really surprised there were that many missing people in the 40s!! I looked up all the names listed and didn't find any information about them so I'm hoping that means they were found. I did find information about a Lawrence E. Peters, it was on a military website for Navy personnel that were not recovered about WWII. I do not know if this is the same Lawerence E. Peters though. I would guess to say not since it says that he was 15 when he went missing. I don't know if this list is going missing in the same year as Kenneth or just still missing at the time. This Navy member was missing in '44.

    Off topic but I thought it was interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpipergirl View Post
    Yes,guys, I agree she/he could be a valuable resource. also, I wish they had linked the UID's Doe page so we could compare. I'm going to look in Md UID's in Doe to see if I can find the one. Here is my blog. http://genkidjericho.blogspot.com/20...ren-hager.html
    Did any of you ever find out with UID she was talking about?

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    Poor child. I hope they find something!

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    70 years ago...

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