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    This guy just doesn't seem that bright, I cannot understand why LE couldn't pull his entire life apart and come up with something........

    He worked for the Forestry Service, huh? Think he knew a few ways to dispose of a body?

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    Here's another story about Dorothy:




    Twenty years after Dottie Rusnak Caylor disappeared from her Concord home, the search for her continues. But it appears her family and authorities are no closer to finding her than they were that warm spring day in 1985.

    After the Times published a five-part series on Dottie's disappearance in March 2004, the cold case took on new life. Concord police reopened their investigation, and Dottie's sister, Diane Rusnak, filed a civil suit against her brother-in-law, Jule Caylor, seeking to preserve Dottie's share of the marital estate.

    But while police continue to work the case, trying to follow a trail of evidence now two decades old, the civil case has stalled pending the outcome of the police investigation. And Dottie, who would have turned 61 years old in January, is still missing, the truth about her disappearance seemingly no closer to the surface than it was when she slipped into oblivion.

    The last reported sighting of Dottie was June 12, 1985, when her husband, Jule Caylor, says he dropped her off at the Pleasant Hill BART station.

    Dottie and Jule had had a troubled relationship and marriage, which began as an affair. Jule was married and had a child when he first met Dottie, although Dottie didn't know any of that for several months.

    Their marriage was plagued by Jule's infidelity and Dottie's growing insecurities and phobias. While Jule was often gone for weeks at a time, Dottie suffered from agoraphobia -- the fear of open spaces -- that all but imprisoned her in her house.

    The betrayals, coupled with one documented case of domestic battering, drove Dottie to transform herself. She began to venture beyond her home. She made friends and joined support groups for women planning life-changing moves. She started talking about her marriage, the emotional abuse she believed she'd suffered, and her plans to divorce Jule.

    June 1985 was to be the month that Dottie took her first real step away from Jule. His U.S. Forest Service job in San Francisco had ended and he'd found another position with the agency, based in Utah. He was moving. Dottie was staying.

    But on June 12, 1985, Dottie became a missing person.

    The investigation into Dottie's disappearance began five days after Jule said he took her to the BART station. The next day, he said, he had discovered her car parked next to his in the BART parking lot. Her purse was inside.

    By the time Jule, at the urging of a neighbor, reported Dottie missing, he had packed all of their belongings, repainted the inside of the house and put the three-bedroom home up for rent. When Diane Rusnak learned her sister was missing, nearly everything Dottie owned was being loaded onto a moving van bound for Utah.

    Police questioned Dottie's friends and men she had met through a Christian singles' organization. Even though Dottie had left behind everything she owned, including a $5,000 cashier's check, police found no evidence of foul play in her disappearance.

    Jule moved to Utah, where he planned to start a new life with a woman he'd proposed to six months before Dottie disappeared. The relationship dissolved when the woman learned about Dottie.

    In the years that followed, no one heard a word from Dottie. Her case was relegated to the cold case files in the Concord Police Department.

    Then last year, partly spurred by the Times series, Concord police announced they would take another, closer look at Dottie's disappearance, starting the investigation anew. Detective Kurt Messick, lead investigator in the case, says police have interviewed all the original witnesses -- the ones they could locate and those still alive after all these years -- and have expanded the investigation to other witnesses.

    The case remains very much open and active, Messick says.

    In some ways, the past year has been harder on Diane Rusnak than all the others that have stretched between today and the day she learned her only sister was missing.

    When Dottie first disappeared, Diane, an artist who lives in West Contra Costa County, held out hope that Dottie had run from an unhappy marriage and would soon resurface.

    She kept thinking that Dottie would call. If not today, then tomorrow. And as all the tomorrows merged into 20 years of yesterdays, Diane had held onto the diminished hope that Dottie was safe. That she was happy.

    But last year, Diane finally came to accept what those less close to the case had long believed: Dottie was dead.

    The realization brought with it a fresh wave of grief and anger. It also led her to push a civil action against Jule to recover and preserve Dottie's estate. She filed a civil lawsuit, asking that Dottie be declared legally dead and that Diane be named executor of the estate. At stake is Dottie's personal property and her share of the Concord home, which Jule has held on to all these years.

    Although a judge found evidence that Dottie was dead, the court awaits a finding from the police on the time and manner of her death. Until then, the case sits in limbo.

    Diane says she was hopeful, with the renewed attention, that police would finally solve the mystery of Dottie's disappearance. More than a year later, her hopes have waned.

    "I assume a lot is going on that I don't know about," Diane says. "I haven't agitated much against the Concord police because I'm trusting them to do everything they can. But as the months go by, I get a strange feeling. When is something going to happen?"

    Jule Caylor, who retired from the U.S. Forest Service last year, continues to live in Utah with the woman he describes as his life partner. They've been together nearly 20 years.

    Jule, a Libertarian, attempted a run for the Utah state legislature, but withdrew his candidacy after party members learned police were investigating Dottie's disappearance.

    At the time of his retirement, he filed for divorce from Dottie, saying she had deserted their marriage. A judge granted the divorce and awarded all the marital property to Jule, but Diane filed suit and the divorce was set aside. The Utah judge ruled that Dottie was dead at the time Jule sought the divorce, so there was no marriage to dissolve.

    Jule declined to be interviewed for this story. Via e-mail, he said he had nothing more to say about Dottie's disappearance that he hadn't already said. He repeated his belief that Dottie is alive and in hiding.

    "Assuming she has successfully concealed herself thus far, I think it unlikely she will choose to voluntarily disclose her whereabouts any time soon," Jule wrote. "She said she could disappear, and she did it. There is nothing more I can add that is not well documented."

    Police have called Jule a "person of interest" in the case.

    The neighborhood where Jule and Dottie lived doesn't look that different from when the couple called it home. Most front yards blaze with the glory of spring flowers. The trees that were small when Dottie last saw them now tower above the houses, their leaves providing a shady canopy.

    Many of the people who lived there 20 years ago have moved on, replaced by new homeowners. Only two of the houses on the street are rentals. More children seem to be living there, longtime residents say.

    But while Dottie is gone from the neighborhood, she is not forgotten. Those who knew her say they remember. And they wonder. Will they ever learn what happened?

    The link to this article is http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives. It costs $2.95 to view the entire article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marilynilpa
    Of particular note to me is the fact that the house was "freshly repainted" on the inside. Since Jule was leaving, and Dorothy was keeping the house, why would he have repainted it?? Maybe to cover up blood evidence???
    That is a good possibility. Although it may have covered up blood, I would think that it may also have preserved it. Police should seek a warrant to search the house specifically for blood evidence.

    It was such evidence which was found and used to convict Hadan Clarke many years after the disappearance/murder of Michele Dorr.

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    I agree with Richard on the blood. I believe the article said Dorothy's husband still owns the house? I wonder if they would be allowed to search the house; he certainly wouldn't give permission.

    I just can't see Dorothy heading anywhere by train alone. I think she would have turned to her family for help.

    I wonder where all exactly her husband worked. Her body is likely in one of those places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reportertype
    I agree with Richard on the blood. I believe the article said Dorothy's husband still owns the house? I wonder if they would be allowed to search the house; he certainly wouldn't give permission.

    I just can't see Dorothy heading anywhere by train alone. I think she would have turned to her family for help.

    I wonder where all exactly her husband worked. Her body is likely in one of those places.
    He worked out the San Francisco office of the Forestry Service, but the article doesn't say whether he was an office worker, or if he actually worked outdoors. In any event, I'm sure he would have known where to bury a body without it being easily found.

    I find it interesting that the woman he moved to Utah with ended her relationship with him after learning about Dottie. She must not have believed in his innocence!

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    Digging doesn't unearth woman long missing

    Dec. 20, 2005

    More than 20 years after Dottie Caylor disappeared, police again returned to her Greer Avenue home Monday for a search that seemed focused on looking for her body.

    While city crews used a backhoe and shovels to dig up most of the back yard and a portion of a cement patio, crime scene technicians worked inside the house. Three cadaver-detecting dogs also were used.

    The outside search did not uncover any remains, although Dottie's dog, which died shortly before Dottie disappeared in June 1985, was unearthed. Officials did not reveal the type of search being done inside the home, but classified it as "forensic."


    On Monday, Messick said the digging was done in areas recommended by the experts who conducted the radar search, and in areas the dogs showed interest in. The dogs were loaned to the investigation by the Contra Costa County Sheriff's department and law enforcement agencies in Reno, Nev.

    Crews pulled up boards on a deck and removed two slabs of concrete. They also brought in a back hoe to dig along the side of the house and a portion of the rear yard. Then they turned their attention to the patio area.

    Police served a search warrant on the home early Monday, asking the renters -- the Caylors still own the home, although Jule Caylor has lived in Utah for the past 20 years -- and asked them to stay away for the day.

    "It just means she's not here," Messick said, commenting on the day's search. "There has been a question that has always been asked: 'Was the home searched thoroughly?' And now it has been."


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    Any more updates?

    Bumping this fascinating story up. Has anyone seen any updates to the December 2005 stories?

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    No updates, but here's a website with TONS of info:


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    Looks like Dottie was legally declared deceased on July 7, 2006.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    for Dottie.


    Jule told authorities that his wife packed an overnight bag and told him she was visiting a friend in California on June 12, 1985. Jule said that he drove Dorothy to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in Pleasant Hill later that day and watched her walk inside the building. She has never been heard from again. Jule said she was carrying her bag and a turquoise leather purse when she disappeared; the purse contained several items including Dorothy's medical card and a bee-sting kit.
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    Just saw this story on UM this morning so I went looking for more information.

    Charley Project link: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...r_dorothy.html

    Lots of good information here that wasn't on UM:


    According to the above link, the case was reopened in 2004. Some of the findings from it were made public. Here are a few that were not in the UM segment....

    - Jule's was engaged to another woman six months before Dottie disappeared.

    - Jule reporting Dottie missing on June 19, even though he told police he had not expected his wife to return to the home until after he left on June 24.

    - Jule made statements in letters to and in conversations with his fiancee, saying he had made a "Herculean effort" to be with her, an effort that she might never know or understand, and that he would do anything for her, even kill. The statements as well as the news of Dottie's disappearance so frightened the woman, she told police, that she had broken off contact with Caylor.

    In the link above, it states that police received a letter in 1988 stating that Jule had killed his wife and buried her. They are unsure who wrote the note and sent it to them (a few theories are presented).

    Also in the link is the content of one of the notes that Jule left on Dorothy's windshield for her when he had found her abandoned car. Very interesting!

    What happened to Erica Jayne Franolich?
    Missing from Middleburgh, NY, October 1986

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    Bump. The case re-aired Today. Unsolved

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    Bump. I too have just seen this case on UM.

    According to Charley Project, the husband signed an agreement to rent out the house and got engaged before Dorothy disappeared... Nice. :P

    I'd be interesting in knowing where Dorothy's car tended up. The husband said he found it next to his own vehicle at the BART station and that he moved it a few times. Did he eventually drive it home, did he lead the cops to where he left it last, or did it eventually get impounded?

    In one of the newspaper articles quoted above, I find it interesting that the husband says he "forgot" Dorothy disappeared and he thought she had died. I think I'd remember sitting down for an interview with UM that got broadcast on national TV. :P
    What do we think? What do we know? What can we prove?

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