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    AZ - Cody Virgin, 25, Arizona City, 30 Jan 2017 *Arrest*


    Cody Robert Virgin, 25, was reported missing from the Arizona City area and he was last heard from around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 30.

    Virgin's vehicle was found abandoned south of Silver Bell Estates.

    William Daniel Randolph, 26, was booked into Pinal County Jail in relation to the disappearance of Cody Robert Virgin, the Sheriff's Office said.

    A sheriff's spokeswoman said late Thursday morning that Virgin's body has not been found.

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    Virgin’s car, a 2013 Dodge Dart, was found abandoned in a desert area near Silver Estates on Jan. 31. According to authorities, rake and shovel-like marks were discovered in the dirt around the car, indicating that someone may have been attempting to hide shoe imprints or other incriminating evidence.

    Blood was also found at the initial scene, Lamb said...

    According to the family member, Virgin had met a woman on Facebook and was planning on meeting her in Arizona City. The pair was also expected to attend a bonfire.

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    Body found is Cody

    We were unable to immediately identify it as the remains of Cody Virgin," Lamb said in a Facebook video. "However, there was a unique piece of jewelry recovered on the body, and also shoes. The family did identify that unique piece of jewelry and those shoes as items Cody Virgin did wear."

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    Wow he was a CO. Was it related to his work? Was he catfished?

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    Castro believes the suspect, 26-year old William Daniel Randolph, was Cody’s girlfriend’s ex-husband and that his murder all stemmed from jealousy.

    “This guy went on Facebook, made a fake Facebook account, wanted to lure Cody somewhere where he could talk to him or who knows what was in his mind,” said Castro. “I don’t know, but there was something planned and he had something not right in his head and a plan to do some kind of harm.”

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    RIP Cody.

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    William Daniel Randolph.jpg
    William Daniel Randolph



    That's a pic of the guy that killed him up there. Apparently he tricked the victim into meeting him through Facebook communications.
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    Prosecutors seek death penalty for Randolph
    Earlier this month, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office filed a notice that it intends to seek the death penalty in Randolph’s case.

    Since the “heinous, cruel” crime was done in a “cold, calculated” manner, prosecutors allege, it warrants the aggravating circumstances for imposing the death penalty.

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    Wow, this is horrible. RIP, Cody.

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