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    TN - Shawn Nipper, 16, dies while car surfing, Nashville, 26 Nov 2005

    Car surfing is where you stand on the roof of a moving car and try to keep your balance while the vehicle is moving.Police say it's one of the most dangerous stunts you can pull with a car.

    Police say the 16 year old driver slowed down and Nipper was thrown off the car and onto the pavement. He died at the scene.

    The victim’s family says this so-called car surfing is a dangerous, growing trend that parents need to be aware of before it claims more young lives.

    “He was great and a lot of people loved him,” said Shawn’s sister, Leah Nipper.

    Shawn Nipper was only 16 when he died this past Saturday. His sister, Leah, says Shawn was always something of a risk taker.

    “He was just a daredevil type,” said Leah.

    But she never imagined he'd take such a big risk. Shawn hit a guard rail and died from a massive head injury. BMX riders at the skateboard park near where Shawn was killed say so-called car surfing is a popular rush for some kids.


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    You know, if you're 16 and you're too stupid to realize that possibly falling from a moving car and hitting a very hard surface (ie... concrete, asphalt), then just surf away JACKASS! Just please don't hurt anyone else in the process. I do feel bad for the family.

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    I feel so terrible for both families involved and can't imaging what they are going through.

    That being said, I do get sick of things like this being blamed on TV, movies, and music. People need to take responsibility for their own actions.

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