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    CA - John Inman, 17, Running Springs, 16 Jan 1993

    John Christopher Inman

    Endangered Runaway -- Missing Since: January 16, 1993

    Missing From: Running Springs, California

    Height: 6'3" -- Weight: 200 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Blue

    John takes medication to prevent seizures. He did not take his medication with him when he disappeared. John wears glasses and has a scar on his abdomen.

    John was last seen in Running Springs, California on January 16, 1999. He is believed to have left of his own accord. He may be in the Los Angeles, California area.


    Charley Project

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    1990 Someone called the police and told them he had been hiking and had discovered human bones in the wilderness west of Lake Elsinore, Riverside County. The witness led detectives to the site where police discovered scattered bones including a jaw bone with braces. The remains were sent to a forensic scientist who identified the bones as female. The name of the hiker who had led police to Jamie Trotter’s remains was James Lee Crummel.

    1995 Crummel was living in Big Bear City, California and 15 counts for molesting three boys were dropped because the statute of limitations had passed on the cases.

    1995 Nine-year-old Jack D Phillips, disappeared from a park in Big Bear. James Crummel was in the area at the time.

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    1996 The remains from Lake Elsinore, River County were re-examined and this time were correctly determined to be male. The braces on the jaw bone were positively identified by Jamie Trotter’s orthodontist and a follow up DNA confirmed that the boy, missing since 1979 had finally been located. Police discovered that in 1979 Crummel lived on the same street as Jamie Trotter between the hotel where Jamie and his mother were staying and his bus stop.

    1990 – 1994 Crummel was living with Dr. Burnell Forgey, a psychiatrist with a practice in Costa Mesa, in Forgey’s Newport Beach condominium. In addition to his private practice, Forgey counseled troubled teens at group homes in Southern California and for CEDU in Running Springs.

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    Aug 2008 The detective on the James Trotter case stated: “On another message board we had a discussion about James Trotter and I received a PM from a relative of James Trotterwho told me something I had never heard before.
    "Discovered with the remains of James Trotter were other human remains still unidentified.”

    Read this article by one of the lead detectives and messages from Victims' family and friends on:

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    It might have been a strange coincidence but the number of runaway juveniles reported from CEDU always seemed to have increased just after Forgey had sessions at the CEDU campus.

    DOJ is examining the connection between Crummel being on the CEDU campus and the disappearance of then 17-year-old John Christopher Inman on January 16, 1993 and Blake Wade Pursley, aged 14, on June 26, 1994.

    Read Article:


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    CA - John Inman, 17, Running Springs, 16 Jan 1993

    Three boys turn up missing from the same therapeutic boarding school located in Running Springs, California. Are their disappearances connected?

    CEDU's Missing:

    John Christopher Inman
    - January 16, 1993, few details available. (of note, he suffered from seizures and required medication)
    Blake Wade Pursley- June 26, 1994, last seen walking to a barn on the campus to check on the animals. (of note, he was disabled from a near-drowning accident as a toddler, he requires medication, has poor motor skills in his right arm and hand, suffers from seizures, and walks with a limp)
    Daniel Ted Yuen- February 8, 2004, last seen leaving the campus to purchase cigarettes. (of note, he suffered from depression and emotional problems)

    CEDU Therapeutic Boarding School
    CEDU (see-doo) is a unaccredited therapeutic boarding school founded in 1967 by Mel Wasserman, who with his own involvement in the synanon cult, used cult beliefs as the philosophical base at the school. Wasserman had no credentials, licenses, or qualifications to run the school, nor did the employees, which is controversial since the school was aimed toward troubled, at risk minors.

    These weren't just "throw-away" children since the school was about $5,700 a month, and even celebrities such as Roseanne Barr and Barbara Walters have trusted the school enough to send their kids there.

    CEDU shut down in 2005, the school closed due to bankruptcy from several lawsuits of abuse claims from parents that sent their kids there.

    A Brocure from the 80's- https://survivingcedu.files.wordpres...late-1980s.pdf
    A website called Surviving CEDU with personal entries from the schools alumni- https://survivingcedu.wordpress.com/
    CEDU Articles- http://www.strugglingteens.com/news/cedu-index.html

    The Schools Connection to a Convicted Murder and Child Molester
    The school had employed a psychiatrist named Dr. Burnell Forgey, who was later convicted of child molestation. His roommate, and often his "assistant" was a convicted child murderer named James Lee Crummel. He had a lengthy criminal record that dated back to the 1960's and was on death row for the 1979 molestation and murder of a 13 year old boy. He committed suicide on death row in 2012.

    For many years people believed that they just ran away, but then the police started to investigate a certain James Lee Crummel. He had unrestricted access to the CEDU campus for decades. Based on evidence in another case he is now locked up, but will we ever learn whether the children made it off campus or their lives were cut short in the boarding school?


    Reddit's thread on the missing boys has some comments from past students at the school which are worth reading, some list the bizzare punishments that went on in the school like sleep deprivation, and another was even an acquaintance of Daniel Yuen and recalls the last time they saw him, which is much different than what his case file says.

    With a school that lacked in qualifications, and also hired two child molesters, did the boys meet with foul play within the school? Or was the school just so miserable they all made a run for it?

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    John's circumstances of disappearance are one of those that has few details available. I'll post their descriptions and details of disappearances.

    Attachment 106857 Attachment 106854
    The Doe Network:
    Case File 534DMCA

    John Christopher Inman
    Missing since January 16, 1993 from Running Springs, San Bernardino County, California.
    Classification: Endangered Runaway

    Vital Statistics
    Date Of Birth: December 7, 1975.
    Age at Time of Disappearance:17 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 6'3; 200 lbs
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Brown slightly curly or wavy hair; blue eyes. Wore large square-rimmed glasses, with rounded corners.
    Marks, Scars: A scar on his abdomen.
    Clothing: Sweatshirt with "New Mexico State" on front, gray sweatpants, white Reebok shoes.
    Other: Shunt in his skull. He takes medication to prevent seizures.
    Dentals: Available. Retainer and fillings

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Inman was last seen on January 16, 1993. He takes medication to prevent seizures, but he did not take his medication with him.
    He may have been possibly heading toward the Los Angeles area. He was attending a school for the emotionally handicapped when he disappeared. He has not been seen or heard from since.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office

    Agency Case Number: 059300155

    NCMEC #: NCMC776935

    NCIC Number:
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:
    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    CA DOJ


    Attachment 106855 Attachment 106858
    The Doe Network:
    Case File 857DMCA

    Blake Wade Pursley
    Missing since June 26, 1994 from Running Springs, San Bernardino County, California.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics
    Date Of Birth: August 18, 1979
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 14 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'5"; 123-125 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Brown hair; blue eyes.
    Marks, Scars: His left leg is 4" shorter than his right and he walks with a limp. He has two scars on the back of his head, one across his neck, one across his abdomen and several on his chest, left buttock and right knee.
    Medical Conditions: His vocal cord is paralyzed. He has limited use of his right arm and hand. He needs medication twice a day to control seizures and an internal fungus. He has motor and learning difficulties and occasional seizures stemming from the complications. He hasn't had his medication since he disappeared and is in medical danger.
    Clothing: A purple T-shirt, jeans, black Nikes and a white baseball cap.
    Dentals: Available. Good dental hygiene. One filling - tooth 14.
    DNA: mtDNA Available in CODIS.

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Blake Pursley was last seen August 18th 1979. He was living at a residential youth facility, "the CEDU School", east of Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino.
    He started school June 1. He was last seen about 20.00 going out to the barn to check the animals. One staff member saw the light go on in the barn. But Blake didn't return to his dorm room for the 22.00 check-in and has not been seen since.

    Search teams tracked Pursley to a nearby highway. It's unclear whether Pursley walked away from the California boarding school or if he was abducted or coaxed away.
    Pursley functions at the level of a 9-year-old because of an accident as a small child and subsequent surgeries, he is not mentally retarded. When he was 3 1/2 years old, he fell into a vat used to dip cattle with the skin disease scabies. Rescue workers performed a tracheotomy to restart his breathing. The wound became infected and destroyed his airway. Complications caused an infection in his hip and swelling in his brain that resulted in disabilities and seizures. For months, doctors at Children's Hospital in Denver performed surgeries to repair his airway and hip and drain fluid from his brain.

    Blake is described as intelligent and empathetic with a quiet but compassionate personality and a bright smile.
    Pursley's condition prompted his parents to send him to Cedu, a private high school for children who need one-on-one teaching.
    There have been sightings reported from Banning, Murrieta, Moreno Valley, Yucaipa, Redlands and Rialto. The boy's family has looked for him in California and in Colorado, thinking he might have tried to come home, as he was homesick.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Twin Peaks Station
    San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

    Agency Case Number: 059402413

    NCMEC #: NCMC794352

    NCIC Number: M-747675721
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:
    The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
    California Department of Justice
    Child Protection Education Of America
    The Press-Enterprise

    Attachment 106856
    4984DMCA - Daniel Ted Yuen

    Case Classification: Endangered Missing
    Missing Since: February 8, 2004
    Location Last Seen: Running Springs, San Bernardino County, California
    Physical Description
    Date of Birth: July 20, 1987
    Age: 16 years old
    Race: Asian or Pacific Islander
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Distinguishing Marks/Features: He may have red or blond highlights in his hair. He has frequent bouts of depression.
    Dentals: Available
    Fingerprints: Not Available
    DNA: Available
    Clothing & Personal Items
    Clothing: Blue jacket, jeans.
    Jewelry: Unknown
    Additional Personal Items: White tennis shoes, blue jacket, glasses with black wire frames or contacts.

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Yuen was reported missing in Running Springs, California on February 8, 2004. He left Cedu High School in the vicinity of the 3400 block of Seymour Road at 10:45 a.m., saying he was going to buy a pack of cigarettes, and never returned. He took no belongings or identification with him when he left.
    Yuen is originally from Edison, New Jersey. His parents sent him to the Cedu High School, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled youths, ten days before he disappeared. Yuen told his parents that he was unhappy at the Cedu School and planned to run away. He has a history of running away from his home in New Jersey. p Yuen was sighted in the California towns of Blythe and San Bernardino in mid-February 2004. He was seen at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve waterfall in the Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood of San Diego, California on May 3rd, almost two months after his disappearance. Witnesses say he was acting oddly and aggressively.
    Daniel may go by the nickname Dan or Danny.

    Investigating Agency(s)
    Agency Name: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office
    Agency Contact Person: Sgt. O'brien
    Agency Phone Number: 909-366-0600
    Agency E-Mail: twin-peaks@sbcsd.org
    Agency Case Number: 050400363
    NCIC Case Number: M-643816677
    NamUs Case Number: 6839

    Information Source(s)
    California Department of Justice
    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    North American Missing Persons Network
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    My personal theories:

    John Inman and Blake Pursley were "accidentally" killed while at the school. They both had seizure disorders controlled by medication, and Blake was far more disabled due to his near-drowning accident as a child. Possibly they were killed by some of the treatments or punishments there. Since no one employed there had any qualifications to teach, I also assume they didn't have any medical professional at the school. John or Blake could have had a seizure and no one knew what to do and it ended up being fatal. Their deaths were covered up in fear that they would be exposed as unqualified and would have to close the school. Remember tuition was over $5,000 a month, they were making a killing for how under licensed the school actually was.

    If seizures can't be stopped or repeated seizures occur one right after another, permanent injury or death can occur.

    They could have also been another one of James Lee Crummel's victims. I'm going to look further into the abuse lawsuits that eventually closed the school.

    As for Daniel Yuen, I think he actually did run away, although, I think with the time that has pasted, he is likely deceased. I belief that after hearing about the closing of the school, he would have contacted his family. I believe why he didn't contact them immediately after he ran away was in fear that he would be sent back.
    What I find interesting is that it lists he left the school to go buy cigarettes when he ran away. Anyone else find it weird? For one, I doubt the students are allowed to leave the school without permission, and another, I highly doubt an employee just allowed him to go buy cigarettes. Where did they get the cigarette story from?

    I found a comment from an acquaintance of Daniel's from CEDU, and their accounts of his disappearance completely differs from his case file. I do know this isn't the most efficient evidence since it could possibly not be true, but it's worth looking into.

    Hi I went to CEDU High school in Running Springs and was actually friends/acquaintances with Daniel Yuen (I wouldnt say we were friends, but I reached out to him the most when he first got there, he wasn't there for more than a month I believe). I helped his father look for him, but we've never had any luck. It's a very sad situation. He attempted to run off that morning fully supplied with food, water, clothes etc. They caught him and took everything from him and put a kid who was half his size in charge of him. Of course the kid couldn't do anything when he ran again, this time without supplies. It seems very likely he is probably dead as we think he would have contacted his father by now, its been over 10 years. EDIT: I'm willing to answer any questions about the school. I think more people need to be aware of it and maybe we can at least provide some closure to the families of these missing children.

    If what they say is true, they used the cigarette story to cover up the fact they didn't handle a potential run-away situation professionally, and ultimately endangered the person in their care. They put another student in charge of him instead of an employee. In my opinion, the cigarette story was just to make him seem like a delinquent, especially having a 3rd runaway from the school, they wanted to paint the picture that he was the type of kid that would run away anyway. I do believe he actually did run away, but I don't think they released the real story.

    He wasn't the only one that ran away from the school, several others ran away into the wooded areas around the school. One even camped out there for 3 days. I'm going to try to find more information on other the other run aways.

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