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    Fingerprint "Expert" Causing Major Headaches in Orlando

    Uh-Oh. This is not good. Every single case this "expert" testified in could potentially be a problem.

    Did I read Casey Anthony's name on this list of cases this expert was used? I'm not sure because whenever I try to actually read Casey Anthony's name my eyes start spinning like slot machines.

    More than 2,600 Orlando-area lawyers get letters warning about fingerprint expert

    From the article: It’s potentially a big deal,” Orlando defense attorney Hal Uhrig said.“The wrong name on the wrong card, and all the sudden you get confirmation of a print that’s not there. That’s serious stuff,” he said.

    Yep, it sure is some serious stuff. WOW
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    Did you notice his new job with the department?

    Yep, the man is now handling evidence...

    Totally unbelievable.

    ETA: Yes, she who must not be named is listed.
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    uggh, I am wondering how many of the cases I follow might be affected. I watch a lot of FL cases, especially the crimes against children ones.
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    "The Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office has sent more than 2,600 letters to Orlando-area defense attorneys, warning them that their clients may have been harmed by a fingerprint expert who made mistakes."

    LOL....i can just see the lawyers faces as they read these letters, with their eyeballs turning into dollar signs...

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    Ohhhhhhhhh no

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