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    Man stole car with no brakes

    A Russian thief did not get very far after he stole a car from a repair shop - without realising the brakes had been removed.

    The 24-year-old had taken the broken Nissan Primera from the garage in southern Moscow and tried to make a quick getaway.

    But witnesses watched him sail through a set of traffic lights and smash into another car just a few yards down the road.

    A Moscow police spokesman said: "He told us he had watched mechanics doing a paint job on the car and had seen them leave the keys in the ignition so he decided to take his chance.


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    Serves him right!

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    That happened to my car about 10 years ago! It was stolen from beside the garage and found about a block and a half away...guess the thief didn't like his wild ride down the hill and around the turn, at least he didn't wreck it.

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    ... Cassie, I hope Noble's have brakes!! Those cars are so cool and I still want one!! Maybe next year OR Santa may bring me one!! I've been a good boy this year, ask anyone!!

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