NamUs UP 2971

Unidentified Body/Remains (Unknown Sex & Race)

Found October 10, 2007 in Los Angeles County, CA
Body Condition: Not recognizable - partial remains with soft tissues

Probable year of death: 1992 to 2007

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 30-50
Approximate Height: cannot estimate
Approximate Weight: cannot estimate
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Scars and marks: nothing

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing: nothing
Jewerly: nothing
Footwear: nothing
Accessories: nothing

Fingerprints: Fingerprint information is not available
Dentals: Dental information / charting is not available
Complete - Insufficient DNA for profiling

Case History:
Found by U. S. Forest Service crew that was clearing brush at Fryman Canyon Park fire road. Decedent possibly female. Estimated time of death between 5 to 15 years.