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    FL - George Louissaint Jr., 20, Jacksonville, 12 February 2017

    UNF Police asking for help finding missing student

    The University of North Florida Police Department is asking for the public's help Sunday finding a missing student.

    George Louissaint Jr., 20, was last seen at the UNF Flats apartments at early Sunday morning, officials said.

    Family members said Louissant was at a party and it was broken up by police. He was seen running towards a wooded area, and hasn't been seen since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectingpink View Post
    There is a lot of water in the area.

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    At 5 a.m., Louissaint’s family contacted police and said he’s considered a threat to himself.

    ^ That's a concerning statement! Additionally, I saw a comment in another article quoting dad that he's not violent, just a big sweety - paraphrasing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by los2188 View Post
    UNF Police asking for help finding missing student

    Video at the above link shows dive teams looking for him in nearby ponds ... .

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    New article:
    "UNF police say missing student not in trouble"
    by: Kristen Dressel Updated: Feb 13, 2017 - 12:22 PM

    "Police said if Louissaint is listening or watching, they want him to know that he isn't in any trouble and that they just want to make sure he is OK. They are asking for him to contact police.
    If Louissaint is seen by an officer and tells them that he is OK and that he doesn't want them to tell anyone else where he is or what he is doing that they will honor that request, police said. However, police will encourage him to contact his family as they are worried about him.

    Louissaint's phone has been turned off or the battery has been pulled out or it is inoperable for some reason, police said."


    I'm assuming George said something to his sister when he called her around 3 AM on Sunday that was concerning enough for them to report him missing only two hours later. Hope he is found today.

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    Thanks los2188 for posting this. I was hoping a thread would be here on ws.
    From the news4Jax, initially family stated that there was concern re: comments from George because police said they could not begin to look for him unless there was a threat to his safety. George's parents admitted that live on the 10pm news last night. I'm sure that if I thought my son was missing while attending college in a distant city, I would probably do the same thing. He has not used his car and his phone is off or battery dead per parents and his girlfriend who lives in Mississippi or Alabama has also not heard from him.
    I thought he might be embarrassed or afraid to be in trouble also, but even his girlfriend has not heard from him and that's troubling to me. Will look for links to support what I've posted now and will add them as found.

    "His family said Louissant's sister spoke to him early Sunday morning and there was no indication anything was wrong. This is the longest he has ever gone without talking to anyone with his family.

    "He would have called someone," Ana Louissaint, George Louissant's mother, said. "He would've called someone to pick him up; he has nobody here except for his roommate that I know.""
    "His family said his apartment is less than a mile away from where the party was held, and it's just how he left it with money sitting on the dresser. Neither his girlfriend, who lives in Alabama, nor roommate have heard from him."

    The article also states that his 21st birthday is in 4 days...

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    News also reported that George's girlfriend is on her way to help with the search.
    My opinion only, unless referenced or supported by a link. Thank you!

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    A little more background information as reported by UNF Spinnaker:

    "Markale Ford is Louissaint’s roommate. The two transferred to UNF together from the University of Mobile. He was at the party on Saturday night when Louissaint disappeared.

    According to Jaden Durity, another student who attended the party, it was shut down by JSO around 1:30 a.m. because they 'smelled weed,' though no weed was found at the party. Following the breakup of the party, Durity said that Louissaint had an argument with someone that upset him.

    Ford said when the party was ended by UNFPD, Louissaint was fine. Ford left to get food with some other friends, and when he returned Louissaint seemed sad. The two spoke for a while and during Louissaint’s time his sister Jennifer called.

    'I could see that something was wrong,' Ford said. 'I knew him better than anyone else.'

    After the Louissaint hung up the phone, he and Ford were standing near the edge of the woods in the Flats.

    'I stepped away for a second, then he was gone.'"

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    Police Chief and sister quoted in this article:

    "At this time, UNFPD will not release details about what transpired at the party, but they know something that happened upset him.

    [UNF Police Chief] Mackesy said Louissaint made a statement to someone before he went missing 'that would concern us about his personal safety. We know later on he talked to somebody else, but he didn’t make that statement again.'

    Spinnaker spoke with Louissaint’s sister, who talked to her brother on the phone hours before he went missing. She said she knew something was off, because he kept saying he loved her over and over again.

    'No one has heard from him, no one. Not his closest friend, not his girlfriend, not me,' she said.

    Mackesy did not clarify what exactly the statement was but said it could have been made in the heat of the moment.

    'What we find in the university is when parties are involved, alcohol is involved, maybe drugs… they say things they don’t mean,' Mackesy said. There is no evidence that Louissaint was under the influence of any drugs at this time."

    What happened ...??

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    I suspect he has been found ... :

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    Oh, I pray it's good news. Just arrived home. Was actually in Jacksonville all day for DH's doctor's appt. Kept checking News4Jax link on my phone but no big news during the day.
    My opinion only, unless referenced or supported by a link. Thank you!

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    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office made a post about an hour ago asking for those in the area to review surveillance video and that a reward of up to $3,000 is now being offered.


    Attached Images Attached Images

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    "A new tip in the search for a missing University of North Florida on Wednesday morning has search teams continuing to blanket the campus looking for 20-year-old George Louissaint Jr.

    It's not clear the precise nature of the tip, but the search continued into its fourth day, as searchers finish the search grids they started Tuesday.
    More Jacksonville Headlines

    The University of North Florida is asking for the public's help finding missing 20-year-old student George Louissaint Jr. UNF Police asking for help finding missing student
    Search underway for missing UNF student
    Girlfriend of missing UNF student speaks

    Dive teams will be back out searching more bodies of water on the campus and homes along Kernan Blvd. will be canvassed. Police are asking for homeowners along Kernan Boulevard to check security footage for any unusual activity or signs of the UNF student missing since Sunday morning."

    My opinion only, unless referenced or supported by a link. Thank you!

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