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    Quote Originally Posted by jurassica View Post
    I would say kids these days are more "street smart" than the kids in the past. They might not physically walk these streets anymore, but they have youtube and see far more things than the last generation. The internet has brought with it a wealth of instantly available information that was not available before. The puppy story is so old. I know my 9 year old is on to basically any sob story. The candy story, the "moms in an accident come with me story" etc. When these things were fresh and new, it tripped kids up. But these days? I really don't think so. You'd have to come up with something really original in my mind.
    This is true, but some kids are more naive than others and that needs to be a consideration. JMO but looking at these girls they appear more wholesome and unsuspecting so falling prey could've happened

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    someone will recognize that guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knox View Post
    It says "identification of a person of interest in a double homicide"?
    Yes it does. Which is why I did not think the public was supposed to have it but then a Sheriff’s agency posted it publicly on their website.

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    Hope I am posting the picture correctly!

    I know many say they do not see anyone in the picture taken on the bridge but when I look at it I see something. I circled where I see it. When zooming in a bit it looks like a dark jacket and light pants. The coloring looks very much like the coloring of the clothes the man in the picture is wearing. Also, when I look at the still shots of him walking I see something else. Where the brown thing is {fanny pack, sweatshirt, whatever it is hanging down} there is a small section that is a different color. I circled the little area I am talking about. It looks close to the coloring of the shirt she is wearing on the bridge. I fully understand it could all be nothing, could just be my 40 something year old eyes playing tricks on me, but I always enjoy hearing and seeing what all of you have picked up on so wanted to share my "view" on the pictures.

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    "Authorities have not revealed where they found the picture, but it’s been reported they checked the girls phones upon discovering their bodies."


    I know there's back & forth of the origins of the POI's photo, but wouldn't it be something if the girls' smart thinking caught their killer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spellbound View Post
    If you look real close at that brown area, I think he may have brown gloves on ... that one "bump" closest to the belt buckle area looks like a thumb. could he be holding a wespon (baton/hammer/etc) in his pocket? Have we seen a clear lic of the right hand to know if he may have gloves on?
    My very first thought when I saw the brown thing was that it was a heavy work glove partially in the pocket.

    I don’t think there is a long/large object in the pants pocket, only because it looks like “it” extends pretty much down to the guy’s knee, which is deeper by far than any jeans pockets I’ve ever seen. I think it’s just something odd with the picture/pixels.

    I do see possibly something in the coat pocket, and I can see where people are interpreting an outline of a gun, but simply based on the angle (as others have suggested) I don’t think it’s that. My first thought was it’s a phone and a pack of cigarettes partially overlapping, or something along those lines, but obviously it could be many different things, including, conceivably, a gun.

    ETA: also my gut feeling upon seeing the picture is that that guy is in his early or mid 40s, but it's just a knee-jerk reaction and nothing more.
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