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    Yeah, that's a bunch of crap because Brutus could have gone inside the garage. Bear wasn't in there. And also, Bear looked like a lover, not a fighter, but hey...that's just my opinion. And somebody does indeed need to explain those hits around that Salvage yard and that cul da sac.
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    Just to be clear, Julie wanted to remain out of the way of Bear and if the police would have dealt with him she should have had no problem going on. Brutus' search was more or less officially ended when someone from Manitowoc PD suggested that the weather was really bad and everyone should pack it in for the night. I get the feeling that it was the police's idea that the search was over.

    From page 58
    . Where did he go from there?
    A. There was another dog barking. The weather at this point was very bad so they asked me to secure him. And we then returned to base.
    [Note: "him" means Brutus]
    Julie described Brutus as being "durable" and didn't care whether it was raining or snowing. Bad weather just meant he needed to get closer to human remains to smell them. So really Bear kept them distant-ish from the garage but the police were the ones who put an end to Brutus sniffing around.

    And it does make sense that Julie remained distant, at least to some extent. Bear was barking, according to Cramer's court testimony and she said she stayed far enough away to be unable to tell if it was aggressive barking or something else.
    From page 34 of Cramer's testimony

    . Barking is the behavior we have reinforced for cadaver recovery, yes.

    Q. And you described even, for the jury, that sometimes -- my word now -- you get sort of a tentative bark when something is in the wind, so to speak, and sometimes, again my word, more of a definitive or determined sort of bark?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And the art of this is interpreting -- your interpretation of the gradations between those two sort of barks?

    A. Yes, and proving it in evaluation.
    Q. And will Brutus tend to bark when he's confronted with, say a German Shepherd?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Is he interested in other dogs?
    A. Not primarily, if the dog barks at him, he will bark back.
    That strikes me as pretty good reason to keep a good distance from Bear. If your dog barks if he gets barked at, and also barks when human remains are found, then I expect keeping him from barking at other dogs is really high priority. You'll never be able to satisfy everyone/anyone as to what was causing the barks.

    It is also worth pointing out that Bear kept Cramer and Brutus away from the burn pit (pge 25-26). It is amazing how many times Bear interferes with the search before the police decide to have him moved. Imagine if Brutus was allowed into the pit and the garage. Julie states that sometimes she is able to determine whether or not she can handle a strange dog. The search ended before she had any meaningful contact with Bear so she was unable to determine if she could handle him or not. She had been training dogs since at least 1989 (16 years at the time of the investigation)...so odds are she could possibly have taken control of Bear and then moved onto searching those spots.

    Interesting thing is...the burn pit and the garage were basically the only 2 points of interest Brutus was prevented from sniffing. He even sniffed and alerted on the burn barrels and the RAV 4. It is like the garage was left until last, and then struck off because the police don't like getting wet. The police were definitely guiding the sniffing portion of the investigation. Cramer says they investigated whatever the police asked her to search (page 56).

    So...I still see Brutus and Cramer as being perfectly legit while the Manitowoc police were the shady ones here. I feel Cramer and Brutus would have stuck around at least a little while longer if the police had asked. But instead, the search ended, at police behest, right when the dog got to the alleged crime scene.

    Cramer's testimony again, since I used it so much in this post and it isn't on this page yet.

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    Thanks for all the info. I can agree with that, but I also believe Julie isn't the only one who could have handled Bear. She might have been able to, given the chance, as you said. But also, wasn't Bobby at the perimeter, tryingto get his puppy? And wasn't Earl on the property at the time?

    I agree with the weirdness of keeping the search animals away from "key evidence" sites and it's weird not to bring them back later. I also do not agree with them not bringing in the coroner or a bone recovery specialist, or not appropriate documenting of their collection of the bones.

    I know it's been 12 years, but I wonder if a dog could still pick up a scent in the burn pit. I highly doubt it was every used again after November 5, 2005, and it even looks as if it's overgrown with grass now. at least on google maps.

    I recall testimony of a dog, who looked for that teenaged girl who got killed while walking her dog on a trial. She got to the trail on foot, and that dog was able not only to follow her path, but walk with it all the way to her back door, and he also found some of her discarded property some distance from the crime scene. That was impresive.

    I looked it up to verify. Victim was April Millsap.

    Here's the sheriff's testimony of his tracking/trailing bloodhound, Buster. He also had German Shepard Harley, trained on drugs and tracking. Harley was only good for hot trails within 30 minutes of left trail. Buster used April's shoe. They put a trailing harness on him with a 30 foot lead and sent him to pick up an air scent. Buster led him to April's house. They put Buster on free roam to let him do whatever he wanted to do, and he tracked back to the bike trail. The next day, he put Harley and Buster on finding items. It's very interesting testimony if for anyone curious about tracking.

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