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    IN - Abigail Williams, 13, & Liberty German, 14, Delphi, 13 Feb 2017 #4

    MISSING: Two 13-year-old girls dropped off to go walking at Carroll County trail

    Carroll County Sheriff Toby Leazenby said Abigail Williams and Liberty German were last seen around 1 p.m. when they were dropped off to go hiking at High Bridge, just east of Delphi.

    Police ID bodies of Indiana girls

    Two bodies found along a northern Indiana stream are those of two teenage girls who went missing Mondayand their deaths are being investigated as homicides, authorities said on Wednesday.

    State Police Sgt. Kim Riley said autopsies performed Wednesday determined that the bodies are those of Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, both of Delphi.

    Their bodies were found Tuesday afternoon along Deer Creek near Delphi, about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Police said the girls’ bodies were about three-quarters of a mile from an abandoned railroad bridge where they were dropped off Monday to go hiking.

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    This image was shared on Facebook by the Newton County Sheriff's Dept. Low quality and hard to read. I transcribed it in the last thread, and thought I'd paste that here to make it easier to find.

    Situation: The Indiana State Police and Carroll County Sheriff's Department are requesting law enforcement assistance in identifying the individual in the below photographs.

    Two bodies found in the woods east of Delphi in Carroll County have been positively identified as Abigail J. Williams, 13 of Delphi and Liberty Rose Lynn German, 14 of Delphi. They were reported missing on Monday, February 13, 2017. The bodies were discovered about 12:15 p.m. on February 14, 2017 in the woods near the Deer Creek by volunteers helping in the search for the missing girls. The families have been notified.

    The victims were last seen alive around 1:00 pm Monday, February 13, 2017 when they were dropped off close to the Monon (not sure about this word) High Bridge near Delphi, Indiana. The images below are from a video taken in the area.

    Anyone with information leading to the identification of the below individual should contact the Indiana State Police at (765) 567-2125 or Carroll County Sheriff's Department (765) 564-2413.

    I can only read some of the very bottom text. "This information should be considered LAW ENFORCEMENT (cant read). Further distribution of this document ......" Not sure after that really.
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    IN - Abigail Williams,13, & Liberty German, 13, Delphi, 13 Feb 2017 #4

    Police: Man in photos now ‘main suspect’ in 2 girls’ deaths
    Associated Press
    Published: February 19, 2017, 12:48 pm

    Photo was taken on the Delphi Historic Trails around the time Abigail Williams and Liberty German went missing.

    DELPHI, Ind. (AP) — Indiana State Police say a man photographed walking along a trail system around the time two teenage girls later found slain were dropped off by a relative is now considered “the main suspect” in their killings.

    Sgt. Tony Slocum said Sunday that “the totality of the evidence” so far led authorities to the conclusion that he’s a suspect.

    The girls’ bodies were found Tuesday about a quarter-mile from an abandoned railroad bridge that’s part of a trail system. The bodies were found near Delphi, about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

    Teens killed: Police look beyond Delphi for suspect
    Ron Wilkins Feb. 20, 2017

    Police are not limiting the search for a killer to just Carroll County.

    "We're just expanded our search to anybody who saw anything," Indiana State Police Kim Riley said, explaining that at the time it might not have seemed suspicious at the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptic View Post
    I think the non local possibility is going to become increasingly stronger as police go through the local 'possibles'. What is probably delaying the process is how generic to the area the subject is (middle aged white guy wearing farm / work clothes in the rural Midwest).

    I think it might be best for create two groups. One with a local possibility focus, and one with a drifter or transient focus. As for the drifter focus, I wonder if there are active rail lines in the area. If so, where would the trains go? Are there homeless encampments or popular hitch hiking truck stops nearby? How easy would if be for a drifter to get to Indianapolis? Is there a Greyhound stop in town?
    As far as passenger lines, the Cardinal/Hoosier State Amtrak stops in downtown Lafayette (~20 miles).

    Freight -- There is an active line not far at all from the site. I believe it is Norfolk-Southern.

    I don't think there is any bus line.

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    (margarita, I saw your post. Fixed, ty)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zno View Post
    Imo the suspect pictured is dressed to conceal his identity thusly was there to cause harm.

    Example: Abby at 2pm is dressed for a sunny spring like warmer weather afternoon. Around the same time the suspect is pictured dressed for 20 degree weather. (Layers, zipped up jacket, hat & hoodie)
    I just took a drive around the lake. It's around 60 and most older people are still layered up because it's February and that's what you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainely16 View Post

    Hadn't seen this one before? In it, a guy who was questioned by police talks about his experience...
    I have seen/heard people say almost the same thing about their phone and if they would offer a swab.
    I also heard one of the officers tell the local news that they have several people walk in to their post and tell them a name of who they think the suspect in pic is.
    Not sure when this was, i.e. before or after they served the warrant.

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    Imo, this is a crime of opportunity like most cases are when the victim/s is killed by someone unknown to them. This double murderer saw two vulnerable young females alone and took full advantage of it. Another tragic case among many where good meets evil and evil overcomes.

    I believe LE already knows this was a sexually motivated crime. 9 times out of 10 the motivation for doing murders like this is to sexually assault the victim/s and then silence them rendering them voiceless unable to tell anyone what happened to them.

    If he is not from the community then I wonder if he was living in the surrounding woods and everyone was unaware of his presence? Or maybe he was a drifter passing through.

    We at times think it would be hard to control two young girls but all the perp really had to do is grab only one of them and threaten to hurt them if they both didn't comply fully to his demands. The bond of wanting to do anything they could in order to save the other one would be strong.

    It is a very sad time we are living in now when two young girls from a peaceful rural area cant even go hiking to enjoy their day.
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    I sure was hoping there would be fine resolution to this when I got home from my weekend away. Ugh! No suck luck but some good brainstorming from WS'ers!

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    Checking into thread 4 I hope this thread will be the start of justice for these precious young ladies!

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    I can't believe this guy has not been identified yet!

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    I'll take on the duty of the obligatory WS remark at the top of new threads:

    I hope this is the thread that will mark the capture of the perp.

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