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    MS - Lawrence Co., Skeletal remains found, Feb'17


    A human skull and other remains were found in Lawrence County near the Arm community.

    According to Lawrence County Sheriff Lessie Butler, the remains were found on Billy Davis Road off of Key Lane.
    The report states they suspect a connection to a cold case from 2008, but there aren't any from that county entered into Namus. The closest 2008 case is a man who was last seen at a boarding house in Natchez (spelled incorrectly in the report), about 90 miles to the west:


    Map of the area:


    EDIT: Gah, got the title all wonky. Can someone correct it to "Feb'17"? Thanks.

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    This site lists a man missing from there in 2008:
    Billy Shane Trott
    Missing 4-9-2008
    Missing from Lawrence County Ms.
    date of birth:

    Height 5'11"
    Weight: 155 Lbs.
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: gray
    NCIC# M189087386

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    Here's his Charley Project profile. Very scant info, but there's a pic.

    Billy Shane Trott

    Everything I could find just says he's missing from "Lawrence County" ( 400+ square miles).

    Here's a Public Notice (2014) looking for family of a deceased person (I think). It acknowledged that Billy Shane Trott was missing in an odd sort of way.
    Billy Shane Trott, whose last known address and whereabouts are unknown after diligent search and inquiry to ascertain same.
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