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    TX - Houston, woman found off highway bridge, Dec'05 - Alicia Pinkney

    Detectives Not Sure If Woman Jumped, Pushed Off Highway Bridge

    HOUSTON -- Police need help identifying a woman found dead on the side of a busy Houston highway.
    Detectives with the Houston Police Department believe the woman jumped to her death or was pushed from a van on Highway 59, the Eastex Freeway, near Mount Houston Road late Saturday night.

    The woman was found wearing jeans and a denim jacket.
    Investigators hope someone will recognize the woman's tattoos: the name "Alicia" on her lower back, the word "Bull" on her left chest and a Playboy bunny on her right wrist.

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    Alicia Dawn Nunez went missing in OK on 10/9/05. No mention of tattoos though. She is 17, so there's a possibility no one knew about them. It also says on ncmec that she may have traveled to Ft.Worth, TX. Not sure how far away that is.

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    It was the body of a young black woman. She was wearing blue jean pants and jacket. She had no ID, but detectives found three identifying marks on her body -- the name Alicia tattooed on her lower back, a Playboy bunny tattoo on her right wrist, and the word 'bull' tattooed on her upper left chest. Authorities have since identified the victim as Alicia Pinkney, 20.
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