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    Brothel offers discounts for jobless men

    Business is booming at a German brothel next to a dole office which is offering a special discount rate for the unemployed.

    The owners of Berlin's Schulz & Co brothel have introduced special rates of just 10 pounds for the country's growing number of jobless men.

    Jobless Bernd Gramm, 48, said: "Before I could only have my fun once every couple of months, if that. But now I can go twice a month for a rock-bottom price, and the quality of the service still remains the same."

    Gina, one of the brothel's employees, said: "Monday was always a slow day and we never used to have more than three clients. But this Monday we have already had twenty.


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    I call this a great incentive for the unemployed to find work!

    Happy Holidays all


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    Actually, this pisses me off. Especially if these men are fathers or husbands.

    Are they taking their dole money, and instead of buying food or something for their families, spending it on tail?

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    Yes, I wonder how many homes don't have a quart of milk for kids' cereal in the morning or maybe even electricity.

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